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Updated: 17 min 23 sec ago

London’s transportation network bans French Brexit advert

Mon, 2018-03-12 14:45
London’s transportation network has decided to ban an advert that sought to tempt businesses across the Channel to France after Brexit. reports.
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Tackling Fake News: To be continued

Mon, 2018-03-12 13:46
Fake news has been blamed for the election of Trump, the Brexit vote and the rise of populist parties in Europe. A High Level Expert Group (HLEG) on fake news has been set up by the European Commission to suggest how to address the problem. Žiga Turk, one of the members, shares his comments on their Final Report, released earlier today (March 12).
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Scientist: CCS ‘has to make sense’ for Paris climate goals

Mon, 2018-03-12 12:34
Keeping global warming below 2°C will be “more difficult, a lot more expensive, and a lot more delayed” without carbon capture and storage (CCS) – even with the sharp fall in renewable energy costs taken into account, Prof. Mike Norton told EURACTIV in an interview.
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Vladimir Putin: Uncontested ruler of his kingdom

Mon, 2018-03-12 11:58
Vladimir Putin’s popularity, 18 years after his accession to power, leaves no doubt about the outcome of the election in Russia taking place on 18 March. His popularity has been built on the systematic erosion of  his opponents' credibility. reports.
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Five things to know about EU regional policy cuts

Mon, 2018-03-12 11:36
The debate over the EU's post-2020 budget (MFF) has cast a shadow on the future of the EU main investment policy. Francesco Molica and Nikos Lampropoulos look at what could happen next and what's at stake.
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Beyond #MeToo: Feminists of the South fight for rights

Mon, 2018-03-12 11:23
In developing countries, women also fight to assert their rights in the streets and on social networks. EURACTIV’s partner El Pais – Planeta Futuro reports.
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Scientists inject new sense of urgency into CCS

Mon, 2018-03-12 07:51
Europe – and the warming planet – has lost precious time in developing carbon capture and storage (CCS), a fledgling technology seen as crucial to decarbonise heavy industry, warned scientists in a new report presented in Brussels last week.
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Austria marks 80 years since Anchluss

Mon, 2018-03-12 07:50
Austria today (12 March) marks the 80th anniversary of its annexation by Nazi Germany, with the country's President Alexander Van der Bellen urging young people not to be "taken in" by neo-fascist and far-right ideologies.
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Pushing boundaries: Thoughts on the tech milestone we’re about to reach

Mon, 2018-03-12 07:30
It’s been almost ten years since the commercial rollout of 4G created the connected world we live in today. And the new buzzword now is 5G, writes Tony Graziano.
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RWE, E.ON reshape German power sector in Innogy asset swap deal

Mon, 2018-03-12 07:30
Germany's top utilities yesterday (11 March) announced plans to break up Innogy, whose assets will be divided among parent RWE and rival E.ON in the sector's biggest overhaul since a landmark move to exit nuclear power.
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Romania’s ruling party congress votes to join euro in 2024

Mon, 2018-03-12 07:20
Romania's ruling Social Democrats (PSD), in power for a year, voted at an extraordinary congress on Saturday to back a 2024 target date to adopt the euro currency.
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What’s in a name? France’s Le Pen proposes far-right rebrand

Mon, 2018-03-12 07:07
French far-right leader Marine Le Pen proposed changing the name of her party to  “Rassemblement National” (National Rally) on Sunday (11 March) as part of efforts to improve its image after she was re-elected for a third term as leader.
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After protests, Slovak PM faces tough talks to keep government together

Mon, 2018-03-12 06:41
Following the biggest street protests in decades, Slovakia's long-serving Prime Minister Robert Fico faces a deadline today (12 March) to ditch his closest ally or risk breaking apart his coalition government.
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Trump sharpens trade row, threatening to tax German cars

Mon, 2018-03-12 06:27
US President Donald Trump has singled out Europe in a billowing trade row, threatening to tax German cars if the European Union doesn't lower barriers to US products.
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Are electric vehicles cleaner? The evidence points firmly in one direction

Mon, 2018-03-12 06:22
Opponents of electrification will continue to misuse lifecycle analyses to discredit battery electric vehicles. But they need to be increasingly ‘creative’ to do so, writes Julia Poliscanova.
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Europe’s new era – only possible with 5G

Mon, 2018-03-12 06:06
If the EU misses out on 5G it could lead to a drain of world leading tech companies in Europe (of which there are only a few), if it wants to catch up to America and China then it has to deliver on 5G before anyone else, writes Gunnar Hökmark.
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Brexit fear and loathing in development world

Fri, 2018-03-09 19:05
Talk to a development professional and Brexit looms large. It was no surprise, therefore, that Brexit dominated much of BOND’s annual conference in London in late February, a two-day gathering of hundreds of NGO wonks from Europe’s development sector.
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The Brief – Time Bandits

Fri, 2018-03-09 16:57
Europe has fallen victim to a stunning heist since the beginning of the year, where our most precious and valuable asset has been stolen: time itself.
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EU warns UK not to seek unilateral exemptions from Trump’s tariffs

Fri, 2018-03-09 16:53
The European Commission stressed on Friday (9 March) that Europeans will act “as a bloc” in the face of US steel and aluminium tariffs, after the UK announced that it would negotiate directly with Washington to find a way out for itself.
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Commission levels up France on economic imbalances

Fri, 2018-03-09 16:23
The Commission highlights the progress of French competitiveness but also points out structural issues in the French economy. reports.
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