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Updated: 16 min 48 sec ago

German energy giants to pay for denuclearisation

1 hour 11 min ago

Large German energy companies are the focus of a new draft law, in which they are obligated to bear the costs of decommissioning nuclear power plants and disposing of nuclear waste. EurActiv Germany reports.

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Why not Belarus?

1 hour 33 min ago

Belarus has shown signs of wanting to set aside its political differences with the EU and work towards an Association Agreement. Now it is up to the EU to act, writes Viktor Yengibaryan.

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Immigration to Germany in 2014 at highest level in two decades

2 hours 40 min ago

Net immigration into Germany last year hit its highest level since 1992, the Statistics Office said on Thursday (3 September), with expectations that figure will rise this year to 800,000.

Roughly 550,000 more people moved to Germany last year than left, and the majority were from Europe, mostly from Poland. Relatively liberal asylum laws and generous benefits making Germany the EU's biggest recipients of people seeking asylum.

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New Democracy overtakes Syriza ahead of 20 September election

5 hours 54 min ago

Eighteen days ahead of snap elections, Greece's conservative opposition New Democracy party has for the first time taken a slender lead over the ruling left-wing Syriza, an opinion poll showed yesterday (2 September).

New Democracy has 25.3% support among voters just ahead of the Syriza party of charismatic ex-premier Alexis Tsipras, according to the poll carried out for the Mega TV channel.

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Member states want to be less attractive to migrants

5 hours 57 min ago

A flurry of ideas about how countries could reduce their attractiveness to asylum seekers have been voiced in various European countries, providing a preview of the discussion at the meeting of ministers of foreign affairs to be held in Luxembourg tomorrow (4 September).

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives want to limit the financial incentives for refugees coming to the country as their numbers soar, a paper showed yesterday (2 September), underlining the strain the crisis is putting on Europe's largest economy.

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Haulers fear migrant crisis will slow down intra-EU trade

6 hours 5 min ago

Truckers caught up in Europe's migrant crisis say business is increasingly disrupted by queues and stowaways, but they are far more worried governments will step up border controls.

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Tsipras and Varoufakis: A messy split

6 hours 9 min ago

Alexis Tsipras and Yanis Varoufakis shared a vision once, but the double act of the Greek debt drama's most colourful characters now appears well and truly over.

When Tsipras swept to power as prime minister in January, hiring maverick economist Varoufakis as his finance minister, both vowed to stand up to Athens' much-loathed creditors and bring an end to the austerity they blamed for strangling the Greek economy.

With a shared love of motorbikes and a hatred of neck-ties, they were the fearsome twosome who took Greek politics by storm.

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Aid to refugees: How do European countries compare?

6 hours 30 min ago

The amount of financial help refugees get has sparked divisions in the EU, as migrants naturally flock to countries with the most favourable regimes in the absence of a common policy. Below is a rundown of aid available to asylum seekers in major EU nations.

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Catalonia faces wall of Spanish indifference, regional government says

6 hours 45 min ago

A Catalan election this month, which the pro-independence movement has billed as a proxy on independence, is due to indifference to Catalan demands shown by Madrid, the head of the regional government said on Wednesday (2 September).

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Bill Gates calls for more funds to help world's poorest farmers

7 hours 7 min ago

Bill Gates called for more funds to help the world’s poorest farmers deal with climate change on Tuesday (1 September), in an appeal that could help pry open the coffers of industrialised countries.

The call from the tech billionaire and world’s biggest philanthropist to focus on the poor could spur more finance from industrialised countries to small-scale farmers during negotiations for a global deal to fight climate change in Paris at the end of the year.

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Young translators compete for Commission crown

7 hours 25 min ago

The 2015 edition of the European Commission-promoted Juvenes Translatores competition will focus on the European Year of Development. EurActiv Italy reports.

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Officials warn Juncker Plan could overlook small-scale infrastructure

7 hours 37 min ago

EU officials are making noise about the Juncker Plan, which some say might give cash loans more favourably to large infrastructure projects and leave behind small, local proposals.

The European Commission's investment scheme will be worth a target total of €315 billion set to go primarily into energy, transport and digital infrastructure projects around Europe.

But some officials say the European Investment Bank has too strong a say and won't pick projects that benefit local communities.

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Returning Europe to competitiveness through energy productivity and efficiency

7 hours 45 min ago

The Juncker Commission’s Investment Plan is an unprecedented opportunity to improve the EU’s energy productivity and efficiency, as long as it is spent wisely, writes Ingrid Holmes.

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Disputes reignited over milk prices ahead of EU crisis meeting

Wed, 2015-09-02 16:22

Ahead of the meeting between EU agricultural ministers next week, disputes over the regulation of milk prices have once again come to the fore. EurActiv Germany reports.

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Fossil fuel divestment still only at ‘symbolic’ level

Wed, 2015-09-02 16:11

Almost 400 institutions have signed up to the global fossil fuel divestment campaign since 2012, but an NGO report has warned that their commitments are not enough to make a real difference. Journal de l'Environnement reports

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Big pharma complains about French law pushing cheap eye drug

Wed, 2015-09-02 16:09

Europe's pharmaceuticals industry said on Tuesday (1 September) it had filed a complaint with the European Commission against a French law promoting the use of Roche's cancer drug Avastin as an alternative to more expensive eye treatments.

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Germany 'no longer attractive' to US investors

Wed, 2015-09-02 15:03

Top American companies no longer see Germany as an attractive investment and the country is losing jobs as a result. "Germany attracts attention, but it's no longer attractive to investors," said AmCham Vice-President Frank Riemensperger. EurActiv Germany reports.

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Russia's silent shale gas victory in Ukraine

Wed, 2015-09-02 14:41

The vast shale gas reserves in the separatist-held Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions are an important element not to be overlooked when analysing the Ukraine crisis, writes Szilvia Batkov.

Szilvia Batkov is an international journalist, running the English language website of Bulgaria’s daily Standart.

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Human rights court slows rushed migrant repatriation

Wed, 2015-09-02 08:58

Fast-tracking the repatriation of migrants who did not qualify as asylum seekers is likely to contravene EU rules, according to a ruling by the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights.

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Russia tells EU to abandon 'messianic' project of exporting democracy

Wed, 2015-09-02 08:46

A prominent Russian diplomat has called on the EU to abandon his “messianic” project of exporting democracy and instead solve its problems together with Russia, and not at its expense.

Speaking at the Alpbach Forum panel “The EU and Russia: Rivals, Opponents, Partners?” on 31 August, Russia’s Ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov blamed the Lisbon Treaty and the EU enlargement for having contributed to the current paralysis of relations between the EU and its largest neighbour.

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