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Updated: 22 min 29 sec ago

Salmond to quit as Scottish first minister after independence vote defeat

3 hours 25 min ago

Alex Salmond has announced he will step down as Scotland’s first minister and resign as the leader of the Scottish National Party, after voters rejected independence from the UK.

Scotland voted “No” to independence by about 55% to 45% in a poll yesterday (18 September) that attracted a British record 84.59% turnout and is set to spur major constitutional change.

“For me as leader my time is nearly over but for Scotland the campaign continues and the dream shall never die," Salmond told reporters in Edinburgh, within ten hours of conceding defeat this morning. 

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EU and NATO breathes sigh of relief after Scotland 'No' vote

5 hours 36 min ago

European Union and NATO officials expressed undisguised relief on Friday (19 September) at Scotland's clear vote against independence from Britain, but some fretted that the genie of separatism may be out of the bottle in Europe.

EU partners had mostly kept quiet in the run-up to Thursday's referendum, lest their fears of a break-up of the United Kingdom leading to contagion elsewhere in Europe be seized upon as interference.

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Banks repay bailout loans to ECB, hurting lending to businesses

5 hours 50 min ago

European Central Bank (ECB) plans to bolster lending to business were dealt another setback on Friday after banks decided to repay billions of euros of cheap ECB credit, sapping money available to lend to business.

The news came a day after the central bank's fresh offer of up to €400 billion of low-cost loans fell flat, casting doubt on its plans to shore up the eurozone's faltering economy.

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Poland unveils new cabinet line-up

6 hours 18 min ago

Poland’s cabinet reshuffle after Donald Tusk’s resignation to become European Council president reflects a shift away from his political line, despite the fact only five ministers have changed.

Ewa Kopacz, expected to be the new prime minister, has announced the line-up of her cabinet. While most ministers kept their portfolios, some essential changes will take place.

The high profile foreign minister is leaving the cabinet and will take over as Speaker of the Sejm (lower chamber of the Polish parliament), constitutionally the second most important position in Poland.

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Could the Scottish vote awaken European democracy from its slumber?

9 hours 37 min ago

The Scottish referendum has had the benefit to set the stage for a broader discussion on the way governance functions in the UK and the EU at large, writes David Kitching.

David Kitching, is Policy Advisor for the Foundation of European Progressive Studies (FEPS), the political think tank linked to the Party of European Socialists (PES).

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Energy efficiency at the heart of Europe's stability

9 hours 46 min ago

The investment to cut energy waste in the building stock is not a cost, but a long-term investment which can redress Europe's economy and not only, writes Oliver Rapf.

Oliver Rapf is the Executive Director of the Buildings Performance Institute Europe, a Brussels based non-profit think tank focusing on energy in the built environment. 

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Poroshenko asks Obama for weapons, obtains blankets

13 hours 7 min ago

Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko secured $53 million in assistance from the United States yesterday (18 September) but President Barack Obama for now turned down his appeals for weapons to fight Russian-backed separatists.

Images of Poroshenko sitting side by side with Obama in the Oval Office and of the warm reception he received in a speech to Congress projected a symbolic show of solidarity with the Ukraine leader as he faces down Russia's incursion.

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Russia’s Yamal gas megaplan to become symbol of sanctions defiance

13 hours 8 min ago

Dozens of Russian energy ventures are in jeopardy due to Western sanctions on technology and funding. Looming over them all, is a giant project the Kremlin is bent on saving no matter what.

The Yamal plan, a $27 billion (€21 billion)  investment to tap vast natural gas reserves in northwest Siberia, aims to double Russia's stake in the fast-growing market for liquefied natural gas. If it stays on track, it will also show the West that the world's largest energy industry is not cracking under sanctions.

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Slovenian parliament okays new centre-left cabinet

13 hours 8 min ago

Slovenia's parliament yesterday (18 September) approved the new centre-left coalition government of Prime Minister Miro Cerar, which will aim to cut public spending and improve tax collection to help reduce the budget deficit to within EU limits.

Cerar's 16-member cabinet was approved by 54 votes to 25. His three-party coalition holds 52 of the 90 seats in parliament and investors hope it will return political and financial stability to the euro zone member, which narrowly avoided an international bailout for its troubled banks last year.

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Hollande asks Europe for patience with France, vows reform

13 hours 12 min ago

President Francois Hollande pleaded with Germany and other European partners on Thursday (18 September) to be patient with France and give it more time to reform before it meets deficit targets, admitting that results were coming too slowly.

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Diabetes care hindered by patchy national data

13 hours 12 min ago

SPECIAL REPORT: Reliable data should be the first step to improve diabetes care in the EU, according to representatives from European Union health ministries and national healthcare institutes who were speaking in Vienna on Wednesday (17 September).

While prevention and treatment of diabetes has improved over the past decades, the lack of comparable data between EU member countries makes it impossible for them to share best practices.

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Scotland votes to remain in the UK, 'devo max' underway

13 hours 14 min ago

Scotland has voted to remain part of the United Kingdom, rejecting independence by about  55% to 45% in a poll that attracted an 86% turnout and looks set to spur major constitutional change.

With 31 of the country’s 32 council areas having declared, the “No” side took a lead of 1,914,187 votes to 1,539,920. To win the referendum, 1,852,828 votes were needed.

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Nothing wrong with chlorine-washed chicken, say German backers of TTIP

13 hours 26 min ago

Fears over falling consumer protection standards in the event of a Transatlantic Trade and Investment partnership (TTIP) are unfounded, says a recent study by a Cologne institute, arguing that a EU-US trade deal has the potential to offer Germany significant economic and geopolitical opportunities. EurActiv Germany reports.

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SPD mulls supermarket voting booths to boost election turnout

13 hours 30 min ago

Fewer and fewer German citizens are going to the polls, a trend officials attribute to the rigid rules in the voting system. The social democrats are now considering more innovative models, including mimicking Sweden's practice of voting "while out shopping". EurActiv Germany reports.

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Turkey announces EU accession strategy

Thu, 2014-09-18 18:00

Turkey said today (18 September) that crises in the Middle East and elsewhere made closer co-operation between Ankara and the European Union essential and announced a new programme to revive the country's stalled drive for EU membership.

A document released by the EU Affairs Ministry described the accession process as "the most important modernisation project after the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey".

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Russia demands changes to Ukraine-EU trade deal

Thu, 2014-09-18 17:51

Russia has demanded changes to a free-trade deal between Ukraine and the European Union, underlining that Moscow was not satisfied by a last-minute concession from the EU to delay implementing the pact at the heart of the conflict in Ukraine.

In a letter to the EU trade commissioner, seen by Reuters on Thursday, Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev said Moscow wanted three-way negotiations to amend the EU's treaty with Kiev, which Russia says will hurt its own economy.

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Are advances in EU gender equality missing the mark?

Thu, 2014-09-18 17:35

Although female political representation across Europe has increased, this is happening at a very slow pace and the most influential leadership roles in the European Parliament remain dominated by men. This raises questions about the possible need to resort to stronger measures to improve female representation in the EU institutions, write Vilde Renman and Caroline Conroy.

Vilde Renman is Research Assistant at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS). Caroline Conroy is an intern at CEPS, under the SAIS European and Eurasian Studies Internship Program.

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EU Commission drags its feet on food waste

Thu, 2014-09-18 17:29

High-level decision makers at the European Commission are blocking its very own action plan to address food waste and to promote a sustainable food policy for Europe. Saying sorry will surely not be enough, writes MEP Bart Staes.

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Why Juncker should backtrack and keep pharma policy in the health portfolio

Thu, 2014-09-18 17:07

The decision to move dossiers relating to public health to the commissioner responsible for enterprise and industry is seriously ill-advised, writes Emma Woodford.

Emma Woodford is interim secretary-general at the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA).

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Google, Apple and Amazon under fire in OECD war on tax evasion

Thu, 2014-09-18 16:49

The OECD wants to force businesses to declare their turnover and number of employees in each country where they are active. Among the multinationals targeted are digital giants Google, Apple and Amazon.

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