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Updated: 35 min 4 sec ago

EU budget post 2020: Fortress Europe or a budget for working people?

1 hour 4 min ago
One of the main discussion points of the  informal summit in Brussels on 23 February is the EU's post-2020 long-term budget, however the topics to be debated on the matter are limited and do not take into account the Pillar of Social Rights, writes Thiébaut Weber.
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Security and development join forces in the Sahel

2 hours 29 min ago
Military matters will dominate the agenda of the summit on the Sahel region in Brussels on Friday (23 February), but there will also be talks on strengthening development aid in the region. reports.
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Trans-Europe Express – One year on, more of the same in Romania

3 hours 15 min ago
Romania’s justice minister has asked for the country’s top anti-corruption prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi to be sacked. But analysts say the ruling coalition is not aiming at Kovesi's post. It is, apparently, going for the big picture - capturing all the state institutions and suspending the country's president.
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‘Don’t forget rail’ in Brexit talks, urge UK industry leaders

4 hours 59 min ago
The European rail network ferries millions of us to and from work every day. Yet rail representatives felt compelled to plead 'don't forget rail' in Brussels this week, saying it was at the bottom of all priority lists despite growing concerns over the expected impact of Brexit.
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What will Brexit mean for Europe’s railways? Exploring ‘EU27’ perspectives

5 hours 17 min ago
Until Brexit negotiations between the UK and EU conclude, all industry sectors, including rail, face uncertainty about future relations.
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Bulgarian presidency seeks to ease new rules on foreign banks

6 hours 58 min ago
The European Union has been urged by its Bulgarian presidency to ease proposed new regulations on foreign banks within the block to bring them in line with US requirements, EU documents showed yesterday (22 February).
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Reporters face obstacle run in corruption-hit Bulgaria

7 hours 19 min ago
Cartoonist Hristo Komarnitski and his colleagues had no illusions: launching a satirical journal was always going to be tricky in Bulgaria, new holder of the EU presidency but also ranked as the bloc's worst press freedom violator.
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Austria sues over EU approval of Hungary nuclear plant

7 hours 44 min ago
Staunchly anti-nuclear Austria lodged a legal complaint with the European Court of Justice yesterday (22 February) against the EU's approval of the expansion of a nuclear plant in neighbouring Hungary.
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After Bulgaria, Slovakia too fails to ratify the Istanbul Convention

7 hours 49 min ago
A wave of opposition in Central Europe to so-called “gender ideology” has led Bulgaria on 15 February, and then Slovakia yesterday (22 February) to oppose ratifying the Istanbul Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence.
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Juncker prepares for 4 March ‘worse-case scenario’

7 hours 57 min ago
Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker warned yesterday (22 February) that financial markets could face turbulence after Italian elections next month, saying Brussels was prepared for a worst-case scenario.
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Romanian minister calls for prosecutor’s sacking, graft crackdown under threat

8 hours 13 min ago
Romania's Justice Minister called on Thursday for the country's chief anti-corruption prosecutor to be dismissed for "excess of authority", triggering street protests and potentially destabilising a crackdown on graft.
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EU to give Sahel force funding boost

8 hours 21 min ago
European leaders will Friday give a financial boost to a joint African force tackling jihadists in the Sahel at an international conference in Brussels, as fresh violence highlights the region's fraught security situation.
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Berlusconi: Tajani as PM ‘would make Italy’s interests count in the EU’

8 hours 32 min ago
Silvio Berlusconi cannot be Italy's prime minister due to a tax fraud conviction but he will most likely play the role of kingmaker. The name of European Parliament President Antonio Tajani remains among those who could win his favour.
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Why rejecting transnational lists has been a missed opportunity for European democracy

8 hours 43 min ago
Closed pan-European lists would be a game changer in how European citizens identify with EU politics, write Angelos Chryssogelos and Malgorzata Staniaszek.
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Polish mayor: ‘The future belongs to cities’

8 hours 48 min ago
The city of Wrocław is one of Poland’s success stories, where job creation has hit record highs and environmental objectives are taken seriously. Wrocław’s long-serving mayor revealed his city’s future-leaning path and the advantages of being part of a Europe-wide network of mayors.
Categories: EurActiv

Tweets of the Week: Selmayr’s promotion, Barroso’s ethics, and Mad Max Brexit

8 hours 59 min ago
Welcome to Tweets of the Week. This week, Selmayr's promotion sparks attacks, Barroso’s ethics are allegedly lax, and post-Brexit Britain won’t be like Mad Max.
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ECJ isn’t the right actor to make political choices related to trade deals

Thu, 2018-02-22 17:34
Trade deals should focus on opening up trade and should not be overloaded with all kinds of other purposes. And when politics does sneak into trade deals, it should be left to the elected politicians and not to judges, writes Pieter Cleppe.
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The Brief – Time waits for no Tory

Thu, 2018-02-22 17:01
Theresa May gathered her ministers for yet another unfortunately titled Brexit ‘war cabinet’ at her country retreat on Thursday. Nobody in Brussels is holding their breath. Nor do May’s ministers appear to be in any great hurry to agree on a long-awaited negotiating position.
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EU court rules against Poland’s air pollution

Thu, 2018-02-22 16:08
The Court of Justice ruled on Thursday (22 February) that Poland has infringed air quality laws, urging Warsaw to comply "without delay" or face fines after finding that the country has regularly exceeded fine particle limits for years.
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European data centres: Supporting growth in Europe [Promoted content]

Thu, 2018-02-22 15:54
Technology is changing the economy - not just in the bigger cities but also in regions across Europe.
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