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Updated: 21 min 42 sec ago

Commission steps up efforts to fight Ebola, after slow response

4 hours 15 min ago

Health Commissioner Tonio Borg on Monday (20 October) told MEPs that a network of high-security laboratories have been established to ensure that EU member states will have the necessary facilities to diagnose the infected persons infected with Ebola.

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German MEP: Kenya must 'restore trust' amid terror attacks

5 hours 13 min ago

Kenya is considered a democratic and economic role model in Africa, but terror attacks and a corrupt state are tarnishing the country’s image, says Michael Gahler, outlining Kenya’s future prospects and enormous economic potential. EurActiv Germany reports.

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Šefčovič tells MEPs he has a vision for EU’s Energy Union

6 hours 37 min ago

Maroš Šefčovič, the Slovak Commissioner-designate for the EU’s Energy Union, successfully defended his credentials for the post yesterday (20 October) in front of two parliamentary committees. EurActiv Slovakia reports.

In the new Juncker Commission, Šefčovič will coordinate the work of several Commissioners - for energy, climate action and transport - and most importantly, will be in charge of giving substance to the project of creating an Energy Union among the 28-member bloc.

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Building renovation: the key for energy security, growth and jobs

7 hours 35 min ago

On 23 October, EU heads of state and government will be facing a key moment in their duty to bring economic progress and social well-being to EU citizens when they attend the European Council to decide on the EU’s 2030 climate and energy framework, write Pascal Eveillard and Jan te Bos.

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Parliament coalition in turmoil ahead of vote on Juncker Commission

9 hours 41 min ago

Serious questions are being raised within the European Parliament's grand coalition ahead of the vote on the Juncker Commission on Wednesday 22 October. Socialist MEPs are calling for stronger guarantees on issues like the €300 billion investment plan. EurActiv France reports.

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Jobs summit skirts the issue of youth unemployment

10 hours 48 min ago

Last week's jobs summit in Milan could have taken steps beyond those that have been known about for some time, such as the youth guarantee, but unfortunately the opportunity was missed. Nothing new came out of the summit, writes Allan Päll. 

Allan Päll is secretary general at the European Youth Forum.

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Mogherini should appoint special envoy to the Middle East

11 hours 39 min ago

Federica Mogherini, the new EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, should appoint a new EU special envoy to the Middle East to engage and have an impact on the peace process in the region, writes Dr Nimrod Goren.

Dr Nimrod Goren is Chairman of Mitvim – The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies, and a lecturer for Middle Eastern Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

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Prakash Mathema: Poorest countries have the most to lose at UN climate talks

11 hours 58 min ago

Nepal's Prakash Mathema is leading the UN climate change negotiations for the group of Least Developed Countries Group (LDC). According to him, an ambitious outcome at the 2015 Paris UN summit can only be reached if vulnerability to climate change impacts of poorest countries are taken into consideration. 

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Washington introduces Russia-style sanctions against Hungarian officials

12 hours 58 min ago

The United States said yesterday (20 October) six Hungarians had been banned from entering the US, as a warning to Budapest to reverse policies that threatened to undermine democratic values.

An American diplomat in Budapest said yesterday the individuals were public servants or people with government connections. Last week's ban came after a long series of warnings from Washington, the embassy said.

A 2004 Presidential proclamation allows the US government to ban foreign nationals whose corrupt conduct hurts US interests, without providing proof of the charges.

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Bulc walks on fire… and survives

13 hours 3 min ago

Slovenian Commissioner-designate for transport Violeta Bulc, who reportedly has trained as shaman and is able to walk on fire, made an excellent impression at her European Parliament confirmation hearing yesterday evening (20 October).

The hearing of Bulc was seen as vital for the entire Commission, led by Jean-Claude Juncker and to be voted in plenary on Wednesday (22 October). Now it is safe to predict that the Juncker Commission would be able to take up its duties from 1 November.

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Europe warned on 'low carbon leakage' if it falters on renewables

13 hours 9 min ago

Ahead of an EU summit which is expected to agree on energy and climate goals for 2030, a new study by the European Climate Foundation is calling for binding targets to avoid low-carbon technologies from moving outside of Europe and putting 600,000 jobs at risk. EurActiv Germany reports.

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Four reasons why ambitious targets for energy and climate could save the EU hundreds of billions

13 hours 18 min ago

The financial benefits of transitioning to a low-carbon economy are clear and significant, writes David Nelson, especially if policymakers act now.

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EU summit to debate multi-billion carbon quota 'transfer' system

13 hours 20 min ago

EXCLUSIVE: European leaders meeting later this week for an EU summit on energy and climate change will discuss proposals allowing energy-rich nations like France and Germany to transfer 10% of CO2 emissions quotas to member states such as Poland, who are struggling to diversify their energy mix. EurActiv France reports

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Chizhov: Russia stands ready to cooperate with the new Commission

13 hours 24 min ago

Russia is fully prepared to reinvigorate its relations with the new European Commission, led by Jean-Claude Juncker, Russian Ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov told EurActiv in an exclusive interview. “I would suggest that we should not concentrate on slogans, or debate whether our relationship is strategic or not, but rather look into the substance”, the diplomat said. 

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Moscow: Ukraine expects the West to pay its $3.1 billion gas bill

13 hours 45 min ago

Russian ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov said yesterday (20 October) that Ukraine is counting on “international support” to pay off its $3.1 billion dollar (€2.43 billion) debt to Gazprom by the end of the month.

Speaking to EurActiv in an exclusive interview, Chizhov said that at the meeting in Milan on 17 December with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko, an agreement was reached for an “intermediary price” of $385 per thousand cubic metres (tcm) for Russian gas to be sold to Ukraine during the winter.

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MEP from party led by racist could save Farage's EFDD

Mon, 2014-10-20 18:38

UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy group in the European Parliament is expected to reform after a Polish MEP from a party led by a racist joined the Eurosceptic faction.

Robert Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz is a member of the Polish Congress of the New Right, which is led by Janusz Korwin-Mikke. Kowin-Mikke was fined €3,040 in September for making racist remarks in the European Parliament.

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Europe’s Essential Unity

Mon, 2014-10-20 14:53

A multi-speed European cooperation is a necessity while a multi-tier Europe must be avoided at all costs, writes José Manuel Barroso. 

José Manuel Barroso is the outgoing President of the European Commission. 

Over the past ten years, the European Union has endured a series of unprecedented crises, the likes of which we are unlikely to see again. But other, no less daunting challenges lie ahead, and we would do well to remember the lessons learned along the way.

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Study: EU can cut gas imports and carbon emissions by half

Mon, 2014-10-20 14:31

The European Union can slash natural gas imports from countries such as Russia by half and cut carbon dioxide emissions by 49% if it ramps up energy and efficiency improvements, a new report has argued.

Cost-effective measures in energy supply, industry and buildings would be good for the climate and boost energy security, the study by independent consultants Ecofys said.

The 49% cut to carbon, compared to 1990 levels, goes “far beyond” projections in the EU’s 2030 Climate and Energy Framework, the report said.

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EU states increase lifeline to developing world

Mon, 2014-10-20 12:25

The aid index released annually by the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) has become a reference for trends of official development finance, and ways to make it work to its fullest.

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What is ODA spent on in Africa?

Mon, 2014-10-20 12:04

Around 40% of the European Commission's Overseas Development Aid (ODA) goes to Africa every year. The continent has received more than a quarter of the €2.7 billion increase in the aid budget since 2005 and, in 2009, aid for trade to the African, Caribbean and Pacific States increased to €3.6 billion. But where does the money end up?

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