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Updated: 7 min 3 sec ago

The Brief: What’s the EU leverage in Czech Republic, Austria, Spain?

2 hours 6 min ago
Only a day after the EU27 leaders agreed on the 'Leaders agenda', a roadmap for two years packed with high-level meetings, new creases are appearing on the EU's fabric.
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More than 1.3 million demand EU glyphosate ban

2 hours 29 min ago
Activists handed the EU a petition signed by more than 1.3 million people on Monday (23 October) calling for a European ban on the weedkiller glyphosate, produced by chemicals giant Monsanto and others, over fears it causes cancer.
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Babiš searches for international allies in anti-immigration course

2 hours 43 min ago
The electoral victory of Czech politician Andrej Babiš, who based his campaign on opposition to refugee migration, is causing concern. While critics condemn his stance, he searches for allies in Eastern Europe and beyond. EURACTIV's media partner "Der Tagesspiegel" reports.
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Brie trade agreement: China lifts soft cheese ban

3 hours 5 min ago
Fans of soft cheeses in China have reason to celebrate after the country reversed a ban on mould-ripened cheeses, allowing imports of Camembert, Brie and Roquefort, European Union officials said on Monday (23 October).
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US forests, sustainably managed, really can help Europe decarbonise

3 hours 32 min ago
Campaigners have warned about the environmental dangers of bioenergy, saying burning wood is not low-carbon. However, forests can – and must – be managed in a sustainable way that maintains or even increases the carbon stock, writes Tony Juniper.
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Brexit is a ‘future of Europe’ issue, European industry warns

3 hours 48 min ago
The EU27 must “save Britain from itself” by offering a “looser deal” that protects the European Union or else the future of Europe is at stake, an Irish industry leader told a EURACTIV forum in Westminster.
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Commission: Some people undermine our Brexit negotiating position

4 hours 9 min ago
Margaritis Schinas, the Commission chief spokesperson, today (23 October) refuted publication according to which Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that UK Prime Minister Theresa May looked “despondent” and “looked like someone who can’t sleep a wink”.
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The real wave of refugees is yet to come

4 hours 16 min ago
Climate change in Africa is going to be a much stronger driving force for mass migration than political turmoil, writes Tara Shirvani.
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Northern Italy referendum: regions seek greater autonomy

4 hours 16 min ago
Two wealthy northern regions in Italy voted on Sunday (22 October) in favour of having increased independence from Rome, in a non-binding referendum that set the stage for negotiations on more autonomy with the central government.
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Catalonia warns of civil disobedience as Madrid readies direct rule

4 hours 25 min ago
Catalonia said on Monday it was confident all officials including police would defy attempts by Madrid to enforce direct rule on the region, in an escalating dispute that has raised fears of unrest among Spain's European allies.
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Speaking with facts about Ukraine’s law on education

6 hours 55 min ago
It is high time to stop politicizing the new Ukrainian Law on education, writes Ukraine’s Ambassador to the EU, Mykola Tochytskyi.
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Slovenia president in run-off against comedian for second term

7 hours 34 min ago
Slovenia's President Borut Pahor won by far the most votes in a presidential election on Sunday (22 October) but failed to secure an outright victory and will face a runoff on 12 November against a former comedian turned mayor.
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UK’s divorce bill figure will come in final Brexit deal – trade minister

11 hours 13 min ago
Britain can only come up with a figure for a financial settlement with the European Union when Brexit has been agreed, trade minister Liam Fox said yesterday (22 October), warning leaders not to believe London is bluffing over a no deal.
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Catalan separatists weigh options ahead of crucial week

11 hours 14 min ago
Catalonia's separatists weighed their options on Sunday (22 October) ahead of a week that will see Spain take the drastic step of sacking the region's government as well as calling fresh elections to try and stop the country breaking up.
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Austria’s Kurz hopes to form government by Christmas

11 hours 15 min ago
Austria's likely next chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, wants talks over a new government to last no more than two months, he said in a newspaper interview published on Sunday (22 October).
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Farmers: No quick fix for food security if Brexit talks fail

11 hours 15 min ago
British farmers are “running out of patience” with both sides in the Brexit negotiations, after Friday’s (20 October) EU summit did little to allay fears of a mutually damaging no-deal scenario.
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Recycling industry and circular economy – Up to the challenge

11 hours 29 min ago
In December 2015, the European Commission presented a new Circular Economy Package that will impact a wide range of sectors, especially the recycling sector. This package has set various targets in terms of recycling but also has introduced life cycle thinking and measurement tools such as PEF (currently in its pilot phase).
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‘Despondent’ May losing sleep on in-fighting, said Juncker

11 hours 32 min ago
Theresa May looked "despondent", with deep rings under her eyes, EU chief executive Jean-Claude Juncker told aides after dining with the British prime minister last week, a German newspaper said yesterday (22 October).
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EU cybersecurity chief: Now is the time to discuss liability

11 hours 41 min ago
There needs to be more discussion about liability for cybersecurity attacks, Steve Purser, director of operators at the EU cybersecurity agency ENISA, told in an interview.
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Catalonia, a viable independent state?

11 hours 51 min ago
Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz tells that the region would be accepted in the EU and therefore become a viable independent economy if it applied, but the former chair of the UK's Financial Services Authority Adair Turner disagrees.
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