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British Council boss: Brexit won’t change the way we help the world

Mon, 2018-01-15 07:33
The British Council will continue to do the work it has always done, despite Brexit, and its priorities in areas like Eastern Europe, sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East remain as important as ever, said the organisation’s CEO in a wide-ranging interview.
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EU should harness economic recovery to push structural reforms, economists say

Mon, 2018-01-15 07:33
Despite positive momentum, the European economy still faces challenges in terms of low investment, youth unemployment and the social fracture growing across the bloc.
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Merkel could join Macron in Davos for epic clash with Trump

Mon, 2018-01-15 07:33
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is considering joining French President Emmanuel Macron at the World Economic Forum in Davos next week in what could turn into an epic clash of competing world views with US President Donald Trump.
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Who are the EU digital influencers? How are they shaping Europe? [Promoted content]

Mon, 2018-01-15 07:30
The #EUinfluencer event organised by EURACTIV and ZN last October was more than the highlight of the season in the Brussels bubble.
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Commission urges Greece to implement smoking ban in public places

Mon, 2018-01-15 07:29
The number of smokers in Greece has decreased the last five years, however, the non-implementation of a smoking ban law in enclosed public places has irritated the population, which calls it “cultural degradation”.
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EU more dependent on Russian gas than ever, despite bid to diversify

Mon, 2018-01-15 07:28
Despite repeatedly vowing to reduce its energy dependency on Moscow, Europe is more reliant on Russian gas than ever before - and there are few signs of this trend reversing.
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Global backlash over Trump’s ‘shithole’ remark

Mon, 2018-01-15 07:24
African politicians and diplomats labeled US President Donald Trump a racist on Friday (12 January) after he was reported to have described some immigrants from Africa and Haiti as coming from “shithole” countries.
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Closing the energy performance gap of buildings

Mon, 2018-01-15 06:48
Despite new efficient technologies, the actual performance of the heating, cooling or ventilation system of buildings is often worse than calculations or declarations. The good news is that EU policy makers have just committed to tackle this performance gap in the new energy performance of buildings directive (EPBD), writes André Borouchaki.
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Berlin and Paris step up push for eurozone reform deal

Sun, 2018-01-14 18:55
Emboldened by a preliminary coalition deal between Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Social Democrats (SPD), Germany and France will try to inject new momentum into their stalled EU reform efforts this week when their finance ministers meet in Paris.
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EU warned about ‘lost decade’ for renewables as costs continue to fall

Sat, 2018-01-13 10:00
The cost of generating electricity from renewable energies is set to reach new lows worldwide, according to projections by the International Renewable Energy Association (IRENA), published on Saturday (13 January).
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The Brief – Europe’s ‘Make the Planet Great Again’ pledge gets first acid test

Fri, 2018-01-12 17:05
Next week, the EU gets another crack at showing that its promises to take care of the environment and honour the Paris Agreement are more than just empty words. But will the people in charge hit their marks or fluff their lines?
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Digital single market in the hotseat in 2018

Fri, 2018-01-12 16:34
The European Commission has set a steep goal for 2018: to wrap up legal negotiations on all 25 of its flagship digital single market proposals it announced since 2015. It will be an uphill battle, with 13 files still open and fights simmering over several contentious issues.
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Stakeholders call for more transparent meetings between pharma and EMA

Fri, 2018-01-12 16:33
Public health organisations and EU lawmakers say the closed-door meetings before the submission of a new drug between the pharma industry and the European Medicines Agency (EMA), a key player in the continent’s healthcare industry, should be more transparent.
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Companies set to miss EU acrylamide targets

Fri, 2018-01-12 16:13
Food manufacturers risk falling well short of meeting new EU rules aimed at limiting levels of cancer-causing Acrylamide, according to a series of new tests released on Thursday (11 January).
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Warsaw and Budapest vs Brussels: Who will prevail?

Fri, 2018-01-12 15:34
The Polish government is still relying on Hungary’s Viktor Orbán to cover their backs. But this particular alliance may not last forever. EURACTIV Czech Republic takes a look at the story ahead of what could be a defining year for how the EU treats its problem kids. Head of the Polish government Mateusz Morawiecki met […]
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EU tells Kosovo relations will suffer if it scraps war crimes court

Fri, 2018-01-12 15:04
The European Union warned Kosovo today (12 January) that its relations with the bloc will suffer if it scraps a war crimes court linked to its bloody independence struggle.
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Durand: The debate on programmed obsolescence is not happening in the EU

Fri, 2018-01-12 14:53
France is breaking new ground with preliminary investigations into programmed obsolescence by Apple and Epson. But at a European level, the debate on product life-cycles is not taking place, Pascal Durand said in an interview with EURACTIV France.
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German parties offer first response to Macron on Europe

Fri, 2018-01-12 14:50
Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives and the centre-left Social Democrats pledged today (12 January) to work closely with France to strengthen the euro zone, in their first substantive response to President Emmanuel Macron's ambitious EU reform proposals.
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Trans-Europe Express – Presidencies are good, actually

Fri, 2018-01-12 12:49
As someone who has followed all the presidencies of the new EU members since the 2004-2007 enlargement wave, I know one thing: Presidencies are good.
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Juncker throws his weight behind Bulgaria’s Western Balkan plan

Fri, 2018-01-12 11:36
Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Friday (12 January) he would personally talk to each of the six Western Balkan leaders to hear what they expect from the plans by Bulgaria's EU presidency to revive their long-stalled EU membership prospects.
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