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Elmar Mammadyarov : Azerbaijan’s EU relation is of strategic nature

Tue, 2018-10-16 14:15
In a wide-ranging interview, the Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Elmar Mammadyarov discussed his country’s relations with the EU, major energy and transport projects, the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and relations with global players.
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The Ulster Question: Taking ‘the Union’ out of the Brexit debate.

Tue, 2018-10-16 13:58
Brexit has become a ‘21st Century Ulster Question’, writes Dick Roche, who also suggests how it can be solved.
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Innovation on rise in Europe but education changes slowly, business leader says

Tue, 2018-10-16 13:36
Europe is seeing a resurgence of innovation and enterprise, but its education system is still too traditional and closed to changes, according to Johan Andresen, a Norwegian businessman working to promote entrepreneurial education.
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PKEE launches special report ‘Electricity market reform: a European Tour’ [Promoted content]

Tue, 2018-10-16 12:30
A harmonised system for Capacity Mechanisms was proposed in the Clean Energy for All package as a means to allow governments manage security of supply concerns whilst energy systems transition to sustainable fuels and utilisation operations. The report highlights key recommendations for their effective design to aid current discussion on EU Electricity Market legislation.
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Worldwide study: Women say gender discrimination persists in agriculture

Tue, 2018-10-16 11:38
Discrimination against women in the farming sector is still widespread, though less than a decade ago, according to a global study carried out by Corteva AgriscienceTM which concluded that empowering women could help revive rural areas and meet the rising food demand.
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The Austrian view of the Bavarian election

Tue, 2018-10-16 11:19
Bavaria has voted. In neighbouring Austria, the result of this regional election is seen as providing confirmation of the political course taken in Austria after its own national elections last year. EURACTIV Germany reports.
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One French farmer commits suicide every two days, survey says

Tue, 2018-10-16 10:44
One French farmer commits suicide every two days, according to a survey conducted by the French national public health agency. The EU farmers' union said this alarming situation should be addressed immediately, emphasising that the farming community deserves better recognition.
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Solidarity vs ‘securitarian obsessions’

Tue, 2018-10-16 09:41
The sudden and substantial increase of migrants’ flow to Europe over the last years has produced a severe political and identity crisis within the EU, a crisis that risks undermining its basic principles and values, and fostering the rise of xenophobic nationalism, writes the Progressive Caucus of the European Parliament.
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Salisbury fallout: EU adopts sanctions against chemical weapons’ proliferation

Tue, 2018-10-16 08:42
EU foreign affairs ministers in Luxembourg adopted yesterday (15 October) a new sanctions regime as response to the use and proliferation of Chemical weapons. Russia was not mentioned.
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Russian Orthodox Church breaks with Constantinople in row over Ukraine

Tue, 2018-10-16 08:34
The Russian Orthodox Church said on Monday (15 October) it had decided to sever all relations with the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople in protest over its endorsement of Ukraine’s request for an “autocephalous”, or independent, church.
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Poland, Czech Republic against EU border guard plan

Tue, 2018-10-16 07:58
Poland's premier on Monday (15 October) said he and his Czech counterpart oppose a plan to bolster the European Union's external borders, fearing they would receive less infrastructure funding if the scheme goes ahead.
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Nazarbayev: Partnership in Eurasia can strengthen the world system

Tue, 2018-10-16 07:50
Exclusive: Two days ahead of the Asia-Europe meeting (ASEM) which will bring together heads of state and government of 51 European and Asian countries, the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev offered his comments on a wide range of issues.
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White smoke for single EU candidate at FAO

Tue, 2018-10-16 07:48
The former head of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Catherine Geslain-Lanéelle, will kick off her campaign to lead the UN food and agriculture agency today (16 October), after being endorsed as the sole EU candidate.
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Eurozone faces critical budget issue as Italy defies the rules

Tue, 2018-10-16 07:42
For the first time since post-crisis rules entered into force, all eurozone countries are to submit their draft budget plans to the European Commission, but the Commission could also make an unprecedented move itself: sending one of budgets back to where it came from, most likely, Rome. 
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EU says still time for Brexit deal as failure looms

Tue, 2018-10-16 07:42
British and European leaders insisted Monday (15 October) they could still reach a Brexit deal despite the latest failed round of divorce talks, but the EU warned a no-deal scenario was "more likely than ever before".
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Hungary takes its fight against NGOs to an EU level

Tue, 2018-10-16 07:41
At an EU meeting of foreign ministers in Luxembourg on Tuesday (15 October), Hungary raised the issue of the need to refrain from funding NGOs that undermine the sovereignty of neighbouring countries such as Israel and Egypt or states that contribute to illegal migration.
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EU farm ministers raise Baltic fish quotas, angering environmentalists

Tue, 2018-10-16 07:40
European Union ministers agreed on Monday (15 October) to sharply boost catch quotas for western Baltic cod as part of new fishing regulations for next year that angered environmentalists.
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Brexit – No Deal not an option: European industry leaders call for clarity and certainty [Promoted content]

Tue, 2018-10-16 07:16
Time is of the essence, as business needs certainty, and in the worst-case scenario, ample time to adjust. Clarity should be provided by agreeing on a time-limited extension of the transition period. In particularly SMEs would get the time to adjust to the possible new post-Brexit realities, writes Uwe Combüchen.
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32% of chemicals non-compliant with EU rules

Tue, 2018-10-16 07:13
A third of chemicals do not comply with European Union rules due to insufficient toxicological data. EURACTIV France’s media partner the Journal de l’environnement reports.
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Study dampens industry projections for ‘renewable gas’ in 2050

Tue, 2018-10-16 07:10
Renewable methane – whether produced from waste, manure or synthetic sources – could displace at most 7% of natural gas in Europe at the current demand rate, according to a new study by the International Council on Clean Transport (ICCT).
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