Mueller finds no Trump-Russia conspiracy but some questions left unresolved

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2019-03-25 10:33
Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence of collusion between US President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia in the 2016 election, but left unresolved the issue of whether Trump obstructed justice by undermining the investigations that have dogged his presidency.
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Commerzbank to quell fears of job losses, trade union to call strike 28 March

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2019-03-25 10:04
The management of Germany's Commerzbank has a clear strategy about the planned merger with Deutsche Bank and is "working hard" in order to reach a decision as quickly as possible, CEO Martin Zielke said in an internal e-mail sent to the bank’s employees and seen by EURACTIV.
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EU social-democrats and a new ‘sustainable equality’ model

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2019-03-25 09:42
In light of the rise of extreme-right populism, S&D has been pushing progressive political forces across Europe to stick together ahead of the crucial EU elections in May.
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Malaysia threatens to ditch EU fighter jet deal over palm oil curbs

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2019-03-25 09:20
Malaysia may retaliate against an EU plan to curb palm oil use by purchasing new fighter jets from China instead of European arms companies, its leader said Sunday (24 March).
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Former minister seeks to shape a progressive front in Italy

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2019-03-25 08:58
Carlo Calenda, a prominent liberal democrat affiliated to centre-left Partito Democratico (PD), wants his new platform 'Siamo Europei' to help create a single pro-EU list for the upcoming elections. spoke with him on the sidelines of his platform's manifesto launch in Brussels last week (19 March).
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Romania to move embassy to Jerusalem, premier Dancila pledges

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2019-03-25 08:49
The Romanian prime minister promised Sunday (25 March) in Washington that her country would move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, breaking with both the European position and apparently with her own country's president.
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Polish and Spaniards mull a new Eurosceptic front

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2019-03-25 08:47
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Brussels ‘really worried’ about Italy’s slowing economy

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2019-03-25 08:45
The EU warned Sunday (24 March) of a new row brewing with Italy over its budget, barely a few months after both sides agreed on a hard-fought deal with Rome's disputed 2019 finances.
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Serbia marks 20 years since NATO bombing campaign

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2019-03-25 08:33
Serbia on Sunday (24 March) marked 20 years since the NATO air strikes that forced Belgrade to withdraw its troops from Kosovo, ending a conflict that claimed more than 13,000 lives.
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Citizens’ march in Brussels against ‘Orbanisation’ of EU societies

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2019-03-25 08:22
Around 1,000 people marched in Brussels on Sunday (24 March) urging pro-EU forces to remain united in order to tackle the rising extreme-right and halt the “Orbanisation” of European societies ahead of the May EU elections.
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Oettinger calls for EU veto on Italy-China deal

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2019-03-25 08:10
Italy's participation in China's giant "Silk Road" infrastructure project sparked an outcry in Germany on Sunday (24 March), including a call for the European Union to block such deals with a veto.
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Xi, Macron hold talks as France seeks EU unity on China

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2019-03-25 08:07
Chinese President Xi Jinping and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron are due to hold talks in Paris on Monday (25 March) with the host leader seeking to forge a united European front to contend with Beijing's advances.
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Theresa May to meet ministers amid reported moves to oust her

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2019-03-25 07:57
British Prime Minister Theresa May will on Monday (25 March) chair a potentially volatile meeting of her cabinet amid reports of an attempted coup by colleagues over her handling of Brexit.
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Orban in fresh anti-EU swipe after European suspension

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2019-03-25 07:45
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán again lashed out at “Brussels bureaucrats” Sunday (24 March), days after reaching a compromise with conservative allies in the European Parliament who were angered by an anti-EU billboard campaign. During a public radio interview Orbán accused the...
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A million march in London, demand second referendum

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2019-03-25 07:34
Hundreds of thousands of protesters swamped London on Saturday (23 March) demanding another referendum on EU membership amid political paralysis over Brexit, in one of the country's biggest protests in decades.
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EXPLAINER-Brexit: What will happen in the British parliament on Monday?

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2019-03-25 07:30
British lawmakers will seek to use a vote on the government's next steps on Brexit on Monday (25 March) to wrest control of the process and try to find a majority for an alternative way forward that would break the parliamentary deadlock.
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EU health chief: Next Commission will strengthen tobacco rules

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2019-03-25 07:09
The next European Commission will propose strengthening tobacco regulations, based on a report showing how the Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) works in practice, the EU Commissioner responsible for health, Vytenis Andriukaitis, told in an interview.
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Europe is not a project!

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2019-03-25 06:51
The perspective that the Union is a project is holding us back. The Union simply needs to be pragmatic, writes Žiga Turk.
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EU to drop threat of Huawei ban but wants 5G risks monitored

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2019-03-25 06:30
The European Commission will next week urge EU countries to share more data to tackle cybersecurity risks related to 5G networks but will ignore U.S. calls to ban Huawei Technologies, four people familiar with the matter said on Friday (22 March).
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ExxonMobil faces EU Parliament ban after no show at climate hearing

EURACTIV News - Sat, 2019-03-23 14:59
ExxonMobil faces losing its lobby privileges at the European parliament after the company failed to show up for the first hearing into climate change denial. EURACTIV's media partner The Guardian, reports.
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