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Updated: 35 min 17 sec ago

Internet censorship eased as EU Council chief visits Tajikistan

Fri, 2019-05-31 08:16
Ex-Soviet Tajikistan appeared to unblock several popular websites and Google services during European Council President Donald Tusk’s visit to the country as part of a regional tour Thursday. Tusk was holding talks with veteran Tajik leader Emomali Rakhmon Thursday (30...
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Belgian king names pointmen to help forge new government

Fri, 2019-05-31 08:07
King Philippe of Belgium on Thursday (30 May) tasked two politicians with exploring ways that a new government can be formed following elections in which a far-right party scored a surprise second place.
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Trump praises Brexit-supporting ‘friends’, ahead of UK visit

Fri, 2019-05-31 07:59
US President Donald Trump on Thursday (30 May) kept mum on the race to be the next British prime minister, but praised the two most high-profile proponents of Britain's departure from the European Union, as he prepared for a state visit to Britain.
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Guterres: European unity vital to avoid new cold war

Fri, 2019-05-31 07:48
UN Secretary General António Guterres on Thursday (30 May) warned Europe must remain united if it wants to avoid a new “cold war” in tumultuous political times. “If you want to avoid a new cold war… if you want to...
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Brigitte Bierlein becomes Austria’s first female chancellor

Fri, 2019-05-31 07:39
Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen appointed the head of the country's consitutional court as Austria's first female chancellor Thursday (30 May) to lead an interim government until elections later in the year.
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Greece’s top family dynasty in bid for PM, Athens mayor

Fri, 2019-05-31 07:28
Nearly two decades after Dora Bakoyannis became the first female mayor of Athens, ahead of the 2004 Olympics in the Greek capital, her son Costas has a clear shot at succeeding her in the prestigious post.
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Kazakhstan’s next president will have opportunity to advance country’s ongoing reforms [Promoted content]

Thu, 2019-05-30 15:00
Presidential candidates are competing for Kazakhstan’s highest office in the June 9 presidential election, and the candidate elected into office will have to address the most salient economic, social, regional and institutional issues to secure the country’s continued development.
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Digital Brief: ‘No letting down the guard’

Thu, 2019-05-30 14:00
Welcome to EURACTIV’s Digital Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU. You can subscribe to the newsletter here. 
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EU braces for impact in final chapter of Airbus-Boeing dispute

Thu, 2019-05-30 08:16
Despite the European efforts to find a negotiated solution, Washington is expected to introduce fresh tariffs against European products in the context of the long-standing Airbus-Boeing dispute, an EU official told
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The Brief – In search of balance

Wed, 2019-05-29 16:50
EU leaders want to inject a degree of balance and fairness into the process of doling out the raft of top institutional jobs. But this admirable quest may have already fallen at the first hurdle.
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EU job carousel keeps turning as new hires announced

Wed, 2019-05-29 16:49
While government leaders clashed Tuesday evening (28 May) over who should lead the main EU institutions, less glamorous yet important jobs were being doled out.
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Commission: Turkey has continued to move away from the EU

Wed, 2019-05-29 16:31
In its flagship annual report, the Commission warned Turkey that it has continued to move further away from the European Union, with serious backsliding in the areas of the rule of law and fundamental rights.
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Austrian Greens are showing signs of comeback

Wed, 2019-05-29 16:14
Across Europe, green parties have benefited from the fact that the climate crisis has become the focus of attention, including in Austria. The Austrian Green Party,  which has had no seats in the national parliament since 2017, is now gearing up for snap parliamentary elections in autumn. EURACTIV Germany reports.
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Four energy storage projects that could transform Europe

Wed, 2019-05-29 15:32
A demonstration plant in Germany that converts wind electricity into hydrogen is probably the most emblematic of a series of pilot projects that could radically transform Europe’s energy landscape in the coming decade.
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Divisions in Poland’s society run deeper than simple populism

Wed, 2019-05-29 15:13
The division of politicians into liberal pro-Europeans and authoritarian anti-Europeans is overly simplistic and "exaggerates the importance of those who strongly oppose integration", the head of the EU's office in Poland said. EURACTIV Poland’s media partner Gazeta Wyborcza reports.
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EU top court says German prosecutors can’t issue European arrest warrants

Wed, 2019-05-29 15:12
According to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), German public prosecutors are not independent when prosecuting cases. As a result, they will no longer be allowed to issue European arrest warrants, which could considerably increase the work of German courts. EURACTIV Germany reports.
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Commission recommends opening accession talks with Albania, North Macedonia

Wed, 2019-05-29 15:01
The European Commission recommended on Wednesday (29 May) opening accession talks with two Western Balkan countries, Albania and North Macedonia, saying they had “embraced the opportunity and delivered on reforms”. But this will need to be approved by the member states....
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UK PM frontrunner Boris Johnson summoned to court for Brexit ‘lies’

Wed, 2019-05-29 13:56
The favourite to be the next UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, has been ordered to defend himself in court after a district judge ruled that he should answer for his infamous, and oft-disputed, claim that the UK sends £350 million a week to the EU.
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Kazakhstan calls EU’s new Central Asia strategy ‘visionary’

Wed, 2019-05-29 12:50
Kazakhstan welcomes the EU's new vision for a stronger partnership with Central Asia, particularly as it took into account the country's proposals, its deputy foreign minister told EURACTIV and called the document, due to be adopted next month, "visionary".
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Macron already taking shots at remodelling Europe

Wed, 2019-05-29 11:39
French President Emmanuel Macron wants to change the Spitzenkandidaten process to ensure a strong European executive. According to him, the programme comes first, and only then the candidate who could implement it. EURACTIV France reports.
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