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Rival Bosnia leaders agree to form government 10 months after vote

Tue, 2019-08-06 08:55
Bosnia's rival Serb, Croat and Bosniak leaders agreed on Monday (5 August) to form a central government 10 months after a general election, reaching a compromise about Bosnia's integration into NATO which had been a key stumbling block.
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EU border force Frontex accused of allowing abuse of migrants

Tue, 2019-08-06 08:50
The EU's border force Frontex has allegedly been turning a blind eye to ill treatment of refugees by guards at EU external borders, according to media reports on Monday (5 August).
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Italy’s government wins confidence vote on decree targeting migrant rescue ships

Tue, 2019-08-06 08:45
The Italian government on Monday (5 August) won a confidence vote in the Senate on a decree targeting charities operating migrant rescue ships, in a victory for Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and his far-right League party.
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Greta Thunberg: World leaders must prove they’ve listened to climate activists

Tue, 2019-08-06 08:42
World leaders must prove that they have listened to young climate activists after a year of protests has not led to any progress in the reduction of greenhouse emissions, leading activist Greta Thunberg said on Monday (5 August).
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Greek government accused of meddling in competition authority

Mon, 2019-08-05 12:10
The Greek opposition has accused New Democracy’s conservative government of attempting to control the country’s independent competition commission. The newly elected Greek government is due to pass a law on Monday (5 August) providing for the dismissal of members and...
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EU criticises ‘militarisation’ of South China Sea

Mon, 2019-08-05 12:00
The "militarisation" of the South China Sea is threatening peace in the contested waterway, the EU's top diplomat said Monday (5 August) in Hanoi, echoing warnings from the US as pressure mounts against Beijing's ambitions in the region.
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After Brexit pledges, Johnson announces cash injection for health

Mon, 2019-08-05 09:53
Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce a £1.8 billion cash injection for Britain's public health system on Monday (5 August), seeking to honour his Brexit pledges as he pushes through the country's departure from the European Union.
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Macron pushes Libya ceasefire with Egypt leader

Mon, 2019-08-05 09:15
France's President Emmanuel Macron spoke with Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah al-Sisi about the situation in Libya calling for a ceasefire "very soon" between the warring sides, the French presidency said on Sunday (4 August).
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‘Miracle’ needed for quick EU-Swiss treaty deal, Swiss minister says

Mon, 2019-08-05 09:05
It would take a "miracle" for Switzerland and the European Union to clinch a quick deal over a stalled partnership treaty that has disrupted cross-border share trading and strained bilateral ties, Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis said on Sunday (4 August).
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France, Germany condemn protest crackdown in Moscow

Mon, 2019-08-05 08:56
France and Germany on Sunday (4 July) condemned a Russian police crackdown on a banned opposition rally that saw hundreds detained, with Paris criticising an "excessive use of force" after a second weekend of protests over the exclusion of opposition candidates from local Moscow polls next month.
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Amfori Supports People, Planet and Prosperity amid Protectionist Threats [Promoted content]

Mon, 2019-08-05 07:00
amfori, the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade, launches its first digital annual report (2018-2019).
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Austria’s Kurz does not oppose coalition with far-right

Fri, 2019-08-02 10:21
Austria's former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and leader of the conservative party is not excluding the idea of re-establishing a coalition with the country's far right, he said in an interview with the Austrian public broadcaster ORF. EURACTIV Germany reports.
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How to attract investments in Greece’s Attica

Fri, 2019-08-02 10:09
As Greece has left behind the greatest economic downturn in modern history, it is required to achieve higher growth rates in the coming years so that economic growth can be sustainable, writes Dr George Patoulis, the regional governor of Attica in Greece.
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Europe weighs consequences as nuclear missiles treaty expires

Fri, 2019-08-02 10:04
A landmark agreement of Cold War-era arms control signed by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and US President Ronald Reagan in 1987, the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) banned a whole class of medium-range ground-launched nuclear-capable missiles of 500 to 5,500 kilometres.
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Italian former EU minister to advise Macron, prompting backlash at home

Fri, 2019-08-02 09:38
Sandro Gozi, a former Italy's undersecretary to European affairs in both Renzi and Gentiloni cabinet, will serve as EU affairs advisor to French Prime minister Edouard Philippe, casting doubts over a potential conflict of interests.
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Britain’s Johnson suffers first leadership blow in by-election

Fri, 2019-08-02 09:18
Britain's Boris Johnson lost his first test as prime minister on Friday (2 August) after his candidate was edged out by a pro-EU rival in a by-election that slims his parliamentary majority to one.
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Iran says ready for worst in battle to save nuclear deal amid standoff with US

Fri, 2019-08-02 08:20
President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday (1 August) that Iran was ready for the worst in an uphill struggle to salvage its nuclear deal with world powers abandoned by the United States, but that he was sure Tehran would eventually prevail.
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Italy lets in stranded migrants after striking EU deal

Thu, 2019-08-01 10:12
Italy allowed 116 rescued migrants to disembark from a coastguard ship Wednesday with Interior Minister Matteo Salvini's backing after five EU countries and the Church agreed to share responsibility for looking after them.
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Swiss president sees no quick progress in EU treaty row

Thu, 2019-08-01 09:57
Swiss President Ueli Maurer played down prospects for quickly ending a standoff with the European Union over a stalled partnership treaty that has disrupted cross-border stock trading and strained ties with Switzerland's main trading partner.
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Johnson faces UK election test as Brexit battle looms

Thu, 2019-08-01 09:33
Britain's Boris Johnson faces his first test at the ballot box Thursday (1 August) in a by-election that could reduce his parliamentary majority to one, making it harder to enact his Brexit plan.
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