KIC InnoEnergy

Company Description

KIC InnoEnergy (KIC IE) is the European company dedicated to promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and education in the sustainable energy field, by bringing together academics, businesses and research institutes. 

Its goal is to make a positive impact on the transition to sustainable energy in Europe, by creating future game changers with a different mind-set, and bringing innovative products, services and successful companies to life, and by focusing on three business lines:

·  providing acceleration services to start-ups and ventures by supporting entrepreneurs with their business ideas, strengthening their business models, building expert teams, and providing access to finance

·  supporting innovation in the field and bring innovative ideas to life that have a positive impact on sustainable energy in Europe

·  providing Master´s and PhD educational programmes that deliver knowledge and skills to students and managers that will shape the future of the energy sector.

This unique focus on the delivery of real products, services, talent and new companies to the Energy Sector is not only providing significant business opportunities, but also a societal obligation of outstanding performance and delivery of true impact.

Established in 2010, KIC IE is one of the first Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) fostered by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT); a commercial company with 27 shareholders that include top ranking industries, research centres and universities, all of which are key players in the energy field. More than 200 partners contribute to its activities to form a unique, first class and dynamic network that is always open to new entrants and furthers our pursuit of excellence. Although profit-oriented, KIC IE has a “not for dividend” financial strategy, reinvesting any profits it generates back into its business activities.

With its headquarters in the Netherlands, KIC IE develops activities across offices located in Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Sweden.

KIC IE is committed to reducing costs in the energy value chain, increasing security and reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions.

To achieve this, it focuses its activities around 8 thematic areas:

·  Clean Coal Technologies

·  Energy from Chemical Fuels

·  Energy Efficiency

·  Electricity Storage

·  Renewable Energies

·  Smart and Efficient Buildings and Cities

·  Sustainable Nuclear and Renewable Convergence

·  Smart Electric Grid