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05 Jun 2020

Transport & Environment (T&E), the leading Brussels-based NGO promoting cleaner transport in Europe, is offering an internship for a period of six months, starting in early September 2020.

The successful candidate will be working with T&E's Trends and Analysis team, supporting T&E’s overall in-house quantitative analysis.

The successful candidate will ideally have some knowledge of transport modelling, large data management and visualisation, programming (ideally in Python), an interest in environmental conservation and an aptitude for developing policy recommendations that would lead to positive environmental outcomes. Good interpersonal skills are essential as is a good level of English (the working language). Candidates should be able to work autonomously and collaboratively.

Candidates with an engineering or economics background are strongly encouraged to apply, though anyone with relevant skills and interest will be considered.

As part of the internship, the successful candidate will undertake a specific research project with the exact scope of the project to be agreed at commencement. This project could also be used as part of a Master Thesis or PhD program, as all projects are highly relevant to European transport policy and will require novel insights and analysis. The project would be dependent on the skill set and experience of the person. Some examples of potential projects are:

  • Develop T&E’s European transportation roadmap model (EUTRM). The model is currently a Microsoft Excel based model, and we would like this to be run in Python in order to improve its granularity and enable more in depth analysis. For example, adding different segments or fleets to the cars analysis (SUVs, taxis and company cars) so that more specific policies can be analysed for reaching transport climate goals.
  • Develop T&E transport modelling capabilities by analysing the freight and passenger flows to regions in the EU.
  • In collaboration with partners, conduct a thorough analysis of passenger movements, aircraft emissions, and airlines, at EU airports. Develop a tool to visualise the data so that it can be shared with the general public to highlight the hotspots of aviation emissions in Europe and key transport flows.
  • Determining how much hydrogen infrastructure is required in key EU ports to cover maritime activity and truck activity under decarbonisation scenarios. Analyse the energy and cost implications, along with the sustainability criteria required.

In addition, the selected person would also help with other projects within the team to gain a more fulfilling experience in working in the organisation.

Applicants must include a short description of a preferred project(s) within their cover letter, including an outline scope, methodology and expected outcomes.

The position is full-time, with a contract running from early September to late February 2021, although the dates are subject to discussion. The internship is paid according to the Belgian legal framework of “Convention d’Immersion Professionnelle” (remunerated with €800 net a month). T&E is an equal opportunities employer.

The deadline for applications is midnight on Sunday, 21 June, and interviews will take place in the following two weeks, with a view to the candidate starting in the week of 1 September.

Applications should be sent by email to with the application form (downloadable at, cover letter and CV, all within one document and in the following order: application form, cover letter and CV. Please name the file as follows: Firstname_Lastname_TA_intern. Also, please ensure the title of the job vacancy is shown in the subject line of your email.

The cover letter and completed application form should explain the motivation and commitment to work with Transport & Environment’s aims, and also highlight examples from your previous work or studies that show us that you have the skills and competencies outlined above.

It may be necessary that the successful applicant starts under conditions of teleworking, depending on the developing guidelines offered by the Belgian authorities regarding COVID-19. It is envisaged that the successful applicant would be based in Brussels to eventually work on site as conditions allow.

We thank all candidates for their interest; however, we are only able to contact those who have been shortlisted. Only applicants with the existing right to work within the EU will be considered.

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