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23 Jun 2019

EuroRAP Secretary General

Job Description

Reporting to: EuroRAP Chairman of the Board

Entity: EuroRAP AISBL

Location: Brussels Belgium (other locations may be considered for exceptional candidates)

Salary: Commensurate with experience

Employees reporting to role: None

Employment details: Full time.  Initial contract period to 31st March 2021 with the possibility of extension thereafter for the right candidate.

Asset Responsibilities: N/A

Financial Responsibilities: Full budget responsibility for delivering the EuroRAP annual budget as approved by the Board and General Assembly.

Purpose of Job: To lead the Association’s activities, internal and external, reporting to the Board.  To support the Association’s Members and provide strategic leadership in the development, implementation, quality assurance and financing of Road Assessment Programmes in Europe. To conceive and oversee programmes of research, communications and advocacy.   To create and maintain effective international partnerships which deliver measurable success in achieving the Association’s objects and contribute to achieving a Europe free of high-risk roads. 

Key responsibilities and accountabilities

The role of the EuroRAP Secretary General is provided below.  Prioritisation of key responsibilities and accountabilities occurs on an annual basis through our staff performance review process.

  1. Leadership and focal point for the EuroRAP Programme and the vision for a Europe free of high-risk roads.
  1. Direction of the Association to ensure compliance with its Articles and objects, sound financial accounting and compliance with any other relevant legislation or regulations.
  1. Support and advice to the Board and its Committees in the strategic management of the Association in setting overall policy, defining goals, setting targets and evaluating performance against agreed targets.
  1. Implementing the Board’s strategic business plan with the key goal of saving lives throughout Europe through safer road infrastructure.
  1. Development and maintenance of a network with the EU institutions (e.g. European Parliament, European Commission)
  1. Preservation of the good name and values of the Association.
  1. Raising of charitable and programme grant finance, Membership and other fees, and sponsorship to enable the Association and its Members to carry out Road Assessment Programmes. 
  1. Working with the CFO, the management and control of the financial and operational risks to which the Association is exposed. Control of the Association’s resources to ensure use in pursuance of its objects.
  1. Planning the annual cycle of Board meetings with the Chairman including setting of agendas and engaging Board Members in the key programme and management issues facing the Association.
  1. Chairing the Management Committee to oversee the management of the Association’s day to day business and programmes.
  1. Growing the strength and capacity of Members to champion and implement lifesaving applications of road assessment in every European state.  Developing formal ‘National Schemes’ as set out in the Articles.
  1. Placing the Association and its members at the heart of the effective lifesaving implementation of the revised Infrastructure Safety Directive
  1. Responsibility for the high-quality application of the iRAP protocols and policy tools in Europe and the associated coordination of training and accreditation activities in the Region in cooperation with iRAP.
  1. Engaging strong input from among the Association’s membership for iRAP’s innovation framework and Global Technical Committee. Oversight of the relationship with European-based technical partners and the pool of accredited suppliers.
  1. Development of partnerships with iRAP, EC, FIA, PIARC, ITF, UNECE, motor industry (ACEA), development banks (EIB, EBRD, World Bank), bi-lateral donors and Brussels based NGOs such as ETSC, FEVR, ERF, Euro NCAP. 
  1. Oversight or direction of communications by and on behalf of the Association including liaison with European Parliament.
  1. Working with the CFO, to plan budgeting and staff resourcing for the Association’s activities and projects. Negotiating with iRAP and Road Safety Foundation to secure needed staff from the pool of jointly employed staff.  Procuring human resources required beyond the pool.
  1. Serving the Admissions Committee to sift Membership Applications, review applications for National Schemes Licences and to make recommendations to the Board on Membership and licensing.
  1. Representation of the Association at a senior national and international level and acting as the principal spokesperson in all areas of the media.
  1. Supporting the Chairman in the appointment of new Board Members to maintain proper balance in the composition of the Board
  1. Oversight of the Association’s ‘subsidiary’, the European Institute of Road Assessment, based in Slovenia.
  1. Monitoring and reporting of programme metrics in cooperation with iRAP and related donor and partner reporting requirements.

Key contacts and relationships

Internal: Chairman; Board Members; Staff; Management Committee; Admissions Committee; Technical Committee; Awards Committee, Governance Committee

External: EuroRAP “civil society”, “authority” and “expert” Members; the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) and other regional RAP associations; the FIA; the FIA Foundation; Directorates and regional offices of the European Commission; UN agencies; WHO; ITF; partners and co-sponsors including ACEA and EuroNCAP; European and overseas governments and road agencies; international road and transport research agencies, development banks and NGO’s; trade associations

Knowledge & qualifications/experience required

Qualifications and Experience

  • A demonstrable ability to run all aspects of an NGO which, although itself small in financial terms, enables or manages multi-million-euro programmes with an international profile involving significant stakeholders including mobility clubs, EC, governments, universities and financial institutions. 

The postholder must be able to demonstrate competencies in:

  1. financial management and good governance.
  2. road infrastructure safety and road safety management policy and practice.
  3. managing a team in a technical policy environment.
  4. commanding confidence in external stakeholders.
  5. managing external communications including media

Experience in relevant fields (with qualifications an advantage) including:

  1. NGO or charity management
  2. business or project management
  3. transport or road safety policy
  4. engineering
  5. applied economics
  6. applied research
  7. consultancy
  8. international development
  9. law in a public affairs context. 

Knowledge of any of the following would be an advantage:

  1. RAP programmes
  2. the FIA and its member mobility clubs
  3. road or transport agency experience
  4. governance in a Membership organisation
  5. proposing, bidding for or managing EC programmes
  6. working in or with government
  7. working in or with a development institution
  1. An ability to lead in a flexible and networked working environment. This requires an ability to motivate and build high levels of trust between colleagues. 
  1. An ability to communicate clearly and compellingly in both English and French, in writing and in speech.  Other languages desirable, particularly Spanish and/or German.
  1. An ability to manage a diary for the most effective use of time, including regular travel, and to be subject to no travel restrictions.
  1. Good social and diplomatic skills.
  1. The postholder will demonstrate, or show they can acquire quickly, a grasp of current international road transport issues concerning sustainable mobility, safety and the environment including road safety policies from a ‘safe systems’ perspective (i.e. seeing infrastructure, user and vehicle as inter-related).

Competencies & Key Skills (functional/technical)

  • Strong Interpersonal skills with preference for team working essential
  • Strong team leadership skills and experience.
  • Strong planning and organising skills
  • Excellent social skills
  • The ability to work to deadlines
  • The ability to analyse complex data and make sound judgements
  • The ability to deliver numeric and written material in clear form
  • Focus on partner service and service delivery

How to apply:

Interested candidates are invited to send a CV with a covering letter to

The deadline for applications is 25 May 2019 12:00 CET and only email applications can be accepted. 

Only short-listed candidates will be notified.  Interviews will be held by the end of May 2019/early June 2019.

Additional information can be requested from

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