Researcher, Place Based Transitions

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05 Jun 2023

Researcher, Place Based Transitions, Brussels

A recognised global leader in the political economy of the climate transition, E3G is looking for a Researcher to help inform our work on deep decarbonisation of the built environment in the EU, bridging the gaps between distributed infrastructure and upstream energy supply. The successful candidate would be based in E3G’s Brussels Office.



E3G is an independent climate change think tank with a global outlook. We are world leading strategists on the political economy of climate change, dedicated to achieving a safe climate for all. We work on the frontier of the climate landscape tackling the barriers and advancing the solutions to a safe climate.

Context and overview of role

E3G’s Clean Economy programme encompasses place-based transitions, industrial, trade, competition policy, and energy systems transformation. In the EU, the team aims to shape policy, diplomatic strategies, and building the political conditions to ensure the socio-economic transformation to climate neutrality. The team focuses on the development of cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder strategies taking account of EU-level and Member States politics.

This Researcher role will work to connect trends in decarbonisation of the built environment to the changes needed in the broader energy system. The focus of the role will be on creating the right enabling conditions to accelerate progress, spanning topics such as industrial transformation of construction and heating industries, energy system transformation, fostering the rights skills, and encouraging business model development.

The successful candidate will support research, thought leadership and stakeholder engagement activities at EU and Member States level to drive up policy ambition, support delivery and encourage the flow of finance into buildings and energy system transformation.

Key responsibilities

  • Support wide range of research activities to build robust knowledge on Member State political economy priorities, including monitoring discussions at EU level.
  • Preparing clear, accessible research and analysis outputs to inform political strategies, communications, reports, and presentations for internal and external use.
  • Under guidance, support the evidence needs of civil society, policy, business and internal stakeholders, including in relation to key policy files and public consultations.
  • Helping to build and convene stakeholder networks, including engagement with senior decision-makers from government, business, finance, civil society, and consumer rights groups.

Profile and requirements

You are intellectually curious and enthusiastic about working with others to develop solutions in the transition towards climate neutral and resilient economies. You are a creative thinker, able to learn fast and committed to high quality outputs.

You are comfortable working on research projects and confident in supporting analytical processes. You will be able to help identify and engage with external stakeholders to understand their perspectives and communicate ideas.

 Experience and skills

The successful candidate will:

  • Have a high-quality degree or professional qualification in a relevant area.
  • Have research experience – ideally across disciplines – in a professional or academic setting or other relevant professional experience.
  • Have strong research and analytical skills with intellectual curiosity, and creativity. Working with complex information, databases, and data visualisation, is desirable.
  • Be adept at communicating clear, accessible analysis and presenting ideas.
  • Have a grasp of and interest in EU policy and politics. Knowledge of building energy efficiency or energy system decarbonisation policy would be an advantage.
  • Be a supportive colleague and team player, operating within diverse teams, with a high degree of cultural sensitivity.
  • Be confident engaging stakeholders in government, industry, finance and civil society.

Further detail

For further details and to submit an application visit E3G's website.

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