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Expiration Date

23 Oct 2021

Programme Overview

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly is looking to hire a team of five research assistants for the 2022 Research Assistant Programme, which will take place from 10 January – 10 June 2022.

Research Assistants work as part of the policy team within the NATO PA International Secretariat in Brussels. Candidates with citizenship from NATO countries as well as citizens from non-NATO countries are accepted. Non-NATO member candidates are welcomed in tribute to Loïc Bouvard (France) who was President of the NATO PA from 1992-1994 and played a vital role in establishing relationships with NATO partner countries.

Applications are assessed objectively, and various factors are taken into account. The NATO PA looks at educational background as well as professional experience, including internships and other projects. Due to the changing nature of research topics, the Assembly often looks for candidates that have specific experience in areas that compliment current research being conducted. We also look for candidates that exhibit flexibility in conducting research on a wide range of topics. In addition, there is a need to reach a regional balance among candidates. It is, therefore, rare that two candidates of the same nationality are chosen for the same programme period.


The main task of research assistants is to contribute, at the request of Committee Directors or Senior Management, to the research and writing of Assembly reports and other documents such as background information documents and drafts of speeches. Research assistants attend the parliamentary Sessions of the Assembly and are asked to assist in note taking and summary writing. As part of the larger NATO PA team, research assistants are occasionally asked to complete basic administrative tasks.


  • Master's degree (or equivalent) in Political Sciences, International Relations or a related field. Candidates may apply prior to obtaining their degree if all requirements have been fully completed. Candidates still in the middle of their MA studies will not be considered. Preference is given to candidates who have recently completed their master’s degree.
  • Fluency in French or English, bilingual fluency is a plus. If French is the stronger language, please note that a high level of proficiency in English is required for the position.
  • Experience in government or policy research institutions is a further asset.
  • Candidates with citizenship outside of the NATO Alliance are welcome to apply (see above).


  • 5-month work experience with one-month probation period
  • Monthly stipend of 765€
  • Accommodation provided in the European quarter of Brussels
  • Basic health insurance policy
  • Travel reimbursement to and from Brussels (considered on a case-by-case basis)

Materials Required for Applying

  • A curriculum vitae (no more than 2 pages, no photo), clearly indicating nationality and language proficiency
  • A cover letter, explaining areas of interest and competence as well as availability
  • A writing sample of no more than five pages on a topic relevant to the position (i.e., foreign policy, international relations, defence and security, etc.). Excerpts of longer pieces are acceptable. Sources and/or citations may be included in addition to the 5-page sample.
  • Two letters of recommendation (academic or professional)

Submitting Your Application

Please submit a complete application by 24 October 2021 to be considered for the position. Any applications or letters of recommendation sent after this date will not be considered.

  • All applications must be submitted in either English or French.
  • All application materials must be gathered and sent together as one single PDF document, including letters of recommendation. If one of your references prefers to send their letter directly, they may do so, however please indicate this clearly in your application email.
  • Applications must contain all the above required documents. Please do not include any other supplementary documents. Incomplete applications will automatically be discarded.
  • If you have already applied for the position in the past, you are welcome to re-apply.  To do so, you must re-submit all required application materials.
  • Applications are accepted by email only. Cover letters may be addressed to the Director of the Research Assistant Programme.

Applications should be sent to:

Please visit for more information about the Research Assistant Programme and the work of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.


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