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29 Sep 2022

About ENoP

The European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP) is a cooperation structure, serving as a communication and dialogue tool between the European political foundations and the Institutions of the European Union (EU), as well as civil society actors in the fields of democracy support and development cooperation. Furthermore, the network provides services to its members to facilitate their participation in the respective programmes of the EU. The network counts over 50 member foundations from 22 EU Member States and the UK. The members are affiliated to six political party families represented in the European Parliament (Renew Europe, EPP, S&D, ECR, Greens/EFA, GUE/NGL), but are independent in their decision-making and financing of international projects. The activities of political foundations in the fields of democracy support and development cooperation include public campaigning and awareness raising, advocacy work vis-à-vis political institutions and decision makers in their respective home countries, as well as the EU level. The main focus, however, is on the implementation of democracy support and development projects with local partners in more than 100 developing and transition countries throughout the world. Since March 2019, ENoP is implementing an EU co-funded action grant, called “Strengthening ENoP as actor in support of democratic and pluralistic societies”. The capacity-building training will take place in the framework of this project.

Background of the training

This training is a first general introductory training on this topic for ENoP members. The purpose of the training is to provide ENoP members with broad understanding of today’s media world.  Participants will develop understanding of types and demands of different media, as well as approaches to critically consume media and information.

Objective of the training

The objective of the training is to provide participants with knowledge and set of tools for successful communication with media and formulating messages. The training will support staff (incl. local staff) from ENoP member foundations by introducing them to communication with media. They will learn the methods on how to approach target group most effectively and the tools for formulating effective messages. 

The training should be articulated around the following points: 1) Types and demands of different media 2) Media and information landscape in the European public sphere 3) Dos and don’ts of communication your messages to the press.

The training will equip participants with a variety of practical dos and don’ts when communicating messages to the press.

Scope of the training and methodology of the training (indicative, to be discussed with the trainer)

a.    Content

  • Media landscape and challenges in the European public sphere;
  • How to build media relations;
  • Dos and don’ts of communication your messages to the press.

This list is indicative and non-exhaustive. The trainer should suggest a more detailed and articulated programme. Every component of the training should be backed by a practical exercise with the group aiming to keep the interaction and attention of participants.

b.    Form

  • Methodological mix: Combining input by the trainer with interactive elements such as group work, mini-surveys etc.
  • Leaving room for individual questions of participants and exchange of experience among participants
  • Providing Power Point Presentation & list of online resources that participants can use after the training

Target group

Participants: about 15 participants from ENoP member foundations, participants either currently work for EU co-funded projects around the world or are in charge of drafting applications for EuropeAid projects. ENoP members are political foundations from different EU member states and political affiliations. The size of the foundations varies to a large extent, depending on the national context. The members attending the training will possess different levels of knowledge and experience on the topic.

Required profile of the trainer

  • Expertise on working with Media and in the European public sphere
  • Track record of successfully implemented trainings
  • Profound expertise in developing training concepts and in conducting trainings
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent English skills
  • Experience with audiovisual policy and media freedom in the EU will be considered as an asset

Language: The training will be held in English without translation.

Location: Zoom or other online platforms.

Date and estimated timeline: 2 sessions of 3 hours on two consecutive days, between Mid-October – end of November according to availability of the trainer.

5 days in total: 3 days preparation (preparation and compilation of seminar material, designing PowerPoint/Zoom Presentation, conducting Zoom call / email exchange with ENoP to verify whether proposed structure of the workshop meets expectations + 2x 0,5 day conduction.


  • Receipt of training offer by 07 October 2022
  • Moderation and facilitation of a 2-day à 3 hours online training via Zoom (in total 6 hours of training that should divided among 2 days in one week).

Remuneration and other compensations

Remuneration: offer-based (please indicate net daily fee in your offer)

Travel costs: non-applicable

Hotel accommodation: non-applicable

Award criteria

The evaluation team will place an average weight of 60% to the content component and 40% to price offer.

Procedure for expression of interest

Experts with the above mentioned profile are kindly invited to send their CV, outlining their relevant experience and their expected overall fee for the preparation and the facilitation of the training as well as proposed program of the training. Applications shall be sent to Aleksandra Starčević by 07 October 2022.


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