Call for country experts for interviews on democracy climate change correlations

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30 Nov 2022




The KAS Multinational Development Policy Dialogue Programme is coordinating the development of a Study on the correlation of democratic development/categories of regime and a country’s effort in addressing issues of climate change. Therefore, we are looking for six country experts to contribute to case studies on the selected target countries and work with our lead author on the conclusions and policy recommendations. These contributions will be done by participating in oral and/or written interviews/questionnaires provided by the lead author.

The Study will target the following six countries, divided by categories used in the Economist Intelligence Unit Democracy Index:

  • Full Democracy: The Netherlands and Canada
  • Flawed Democracy: Brazil, Indonesia, and South Africa
  • Authoritarian: China

These case studies will provide a general account and specific examples of how the relevant country addresses climate change issues through land use planning decisions; they will be prepared in line with a structured template and methodology provided by the lead author and approved by KAS.

The country experts will have the following tasks:

  • Working with the lead author, following his outlined methodology;
  • Contributing to the development of the first draft of the case study for their target country by responding to the questionnaire prepared by the lead author in accordance with the agreed deadline;
  • Reviewing recommendations from the lead author and project team to improve the first draft of the case study, and answering follow-up questions;
  • Helping develop key policy recommendations together with the lead author.

Note: All selected country experts will be credited in the final version of the study as contributors to their respective country chapters, unless they prefer not to be identified.

Essential competencies and experience of country experts:

  • Proven expertise in governance structures and practice in the relevant country, in particular in relation to land use planning and environmental decision making.
  • Proven expertise in national climate policymaking, including both mitigation of climate emissions, and adaptation to climate impacts.
  • A demonstrated record of accomplishment of writing on the topic in English to a high standard.

Expertise must be demonstrated by relevant post-graduate qualifications, or at least 3 years of relevant professional experience. Writing proficiency in English should be demonstrated by providing up to two studies, articles, or other pieces of work, which must have been written exclusively or primarily by the applicant.

Additional desirable expertise:

  • Relevant legal qualifications, particularly if they have a focus on the issues of environmental governance and climate change.
  • Experience in the preparation of environmental impact assessments, particularly for infrastructure projects.
  • Expertise in two or more of the following areas:
    • climate mitigation and/or adaptation in the field of transport infrastructure;
    • domestic energy supply issues, with a particular emphasis on climate mitigation and energy efficiency;renewable energy infrastructure. 

Expertise in these areas can be demonstrated by relevant postgraduate qualifications, or by evidence of project work on the relevant subjects (ideally by reference to published studies or articles authored or co-authored by the applicant).

Tentative dates and duration of assignment - above-mentioned tasks will be performed within the following timeframes (exact dates for interviews depend on individual availability of the author and experts):

  • Start of the assignment: 15 December 2022
  • First task delivery: 31 December 2022
  • Second task delivery deadline: 31 January 2022
  • Presentation of Study on Launch Event: 01 March 2023

Study Components

Number of Days

 Calls with author and first draft of the case study

1 days (2x1/2 days)

 Filling out the questionnaire and reviewing lead author comments and final version of the case study

3 days

Mission’s Total Days

4 days

Application Procedure:

  • Applications should include:
    • CV
    • Cover letter
    • Links to published articles and studies
    • 3 recent relevant publications in pdf format or as a URL link
    • pdfs or URL links of additional publication would be considered an asset
    • Detailed service price quote for the assignment
  • Candidates should address their applications to Karin Jancykova (Programme Manager for Climate and Energy) by email to:
  • Application deadline: 7 December 2022

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