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28 Oct 2021


You have been always interested in what the future looks like. You speak passionately about the changes and opportunities that a digital world presents. You have a clear view of market trends and innovation, available and future services, emerging public and private programs. And you recognise the importance and complexity of the world of transport and logistics.

But you find authorities to be too far away from the real world and businesses too focused on the short term only. Knowing how governments function and how businesses operate, you are looking for putting the best of both worlds together.

You have 5 years of experience in digitization or logistics, and you are interested in where those two subjects align. You are fluent in English and command another European language.

At the same time, you have a hands-on mentality needed for working in a small team and are ready to get involved in a new task, even outside your range of responsibilities, to support the team.

Are you still reading? Then you might be interested in putting all the above into practice as a specialist with ESC.


The European Shippers’ Council (ESC) operates on the cutting edge of international research, legislation, and the rock-hard reality of transport and logistics.

  • You will be in charge of coordinating and supporting ESC activities related to the digitization of transport and logistics.
  • You will be the voice of ESC members representing transport users, producers, traders, and importers and exporters in relevant European projects and research programs like PLANET and ENTRANCE.
  • You will bring together national digitalization activities from our European members and other stakeholders.
  • You will use ESC Digital Manifesto as a corner stone and main direction in your work and contribute to make the Manifesto and ESC views even stronger and more visible.
  • Liaising with our national council members and their shippers you will gather information about their expectations and requirements related to digitization of supply chains and logistics services.
  • You will monitor the European Horizon Europe and CEF programs upcoming calls in liaison with major R&D leaders.
  • You will be the ESC ambassador in the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum and the European Technology Platform ALICE.
  • You will successfully negotiate the participation of ESC in relevant EU funded projects, primarily on tasks related to shippers’ interests, and coordinate the execution including budget control, reports, and forecast of such projects. You will contribute to ESC communication on these subjects.
  • You will be a trusted advisor to the ESC Secretary General.


You will be based in Brussels but can work remotely for 50%. Some travelling in Europe will occur from time to time. We offer an annual gross salary between 40 to 50 thousand depending on experience.


To apply for the position, please send your cv and cover letter to g.smit@europeanshippers.eu. Applications will be reviewed immediately until the position is filled.


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