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23 Apr 2021
Are you a tech savvy project manager? Do you get excited by digital media and campaigning? Are you a committed to building a more sustainable world where businesses respect human, social and environmental rights? If so, we invite you to tender for this project on redesigning a website to track legal developments in the rapidly evolving field of corporate accountability.
In 2017, the European Coalition for Corporate Justice and other leading NGOs launched the  BHRinLaw website to track legislative and case law developments in the fast-moving business and human rights sector.
ECCJ is launching a call for an external consultant to revamp the BHRinLaw website, from design to delivery. The engaged Consultant will work with the ECCJ Secretariat to develop an engaging website, which will act as a resource for policymakers, researchers, campaigners or anyone with an interest in business and human rights. ECCJ aims to launch the website at an event scheduled for December 2021.
ECCJ aims to work in coordination with the selected consultant to develop an interactive, easy-to-use, compelling, and informative website that visualises trends and motivates users to engage in the business and human rights from their organisational and/or individual perspectives.
The primary goal of the website is to act as an online hub for information on current legislation, case law, and ongoing legislative processes around the world, which can inspire bolder action from governments to protect human rights and provide access to remedy for victims of corporate human rights and environmental abuse.
Our goal is to simplify this complex, dynamic and global policy space for a wider audience, including policymakers, academia, lawyers, civil society, trade unions, consumer organisations and reporters.
The chosen consultant will need to propose innovative ways to present this content in a straightforward and yet powerful way, including interactive and dynamic data visualisation and mapping, allowing people to search, filter, customise and export the information they are looking for.
The consultant will guide the development of the website to operate as both an informational and campaigning platform. They will be expected to manage the website planning, design, development, and launch, while working closely with the ECCJ Secretariat, other project partners, as well as the designer/developer.
The selected consultant shall:
  • Develop a concept proposal for an online platform that will track corporate accountability developments for multiple stakeholders (Q2, 2021).
  • Manage the project, including by: working closely with the ECCJ Secretariat and project partners to ensure smooth delivery of website (Q2-Q4, 2021); liaising with website external designer/developer to ensure website design and functionalities meet high standards, including content migration and testing phases prior to launch (Q2-Q4, 2021).
  • Support creation materials such as guides for project partners, that may arise as a result of the consultation process (Q4, 2021).
  • Provide advice and assistance in the launch of the website at specified event in December 2021.
The consultant shall be responsible for the delivery of:
  • The BHRinLaw 2.0 website by Q4 of 2021, including: a main landing page with data visualisation and mapping, as well as subsequent sub-pages and resources; backend of the website for data management and hosting capacity.
  • At least 3 online meetings/consultations with project partners on the concept, plan, feasibility, accessibility and management of the website throughout the duration of the project.
  • Supporting documents for project partners by Q4 of 2021, including: a guide on how to manage the website and data on the backend; a guide on visual branding for the project; a user engagement strategy based on project objectives; a written proposal for launching of website with the aim to launch at a specialised event in December 2021.
Duration and reporting
The project will have a duration of eight months commencing in May 2021 and ending in December 2021. Concrete process and timelines will be defined in the Terms of Reference and Monitoring Calendar to be agreed between ECCJ and the selected consultant.
Consultant profile
  • Proven experience in project management, with a focus in developing digital media, communications, campaigning and educational tools;
  • Ability to work with multiple partners and experts to achieve results within specified deadlines;
  • You get excited by creating unique online spaces and you understand UX, SEO and the process of building websites (coding is not required);
  • A natural inclination for visual communication and marketing, as well as for politics and advocacy;
  • Excellent English skills;
  • A hands-on and solutions-driven work mentality;
  • Strong interpersonal communication and teamwork skills;
  • Experience in working with civil society and/or human rights organisations would be an asset;
  • Experience with content and data management would be an asset;
  • Graphic design skills are a plus.
How to apply
Interested candidates are requested to submit a tender via email to with:
  • A maximum 3-page tender document responding to the call. Please outline any relevant experience in project management; in developing websites or other similar digital tools; any related experience working with civil society organisations or campaigning; and your proposals for creating a unique web space aimed at presenting up-to-date legal developments around the world.
Please include in the e-mail subject line: “Tender for Consultant: BHRinLaw Project Manager”.
Closing date for applications is 20 April 2021 at 17h CET.  Total fees for the Consultant’s for this work should not exceed 10,000 euros, including VAT. This amount should include all the taxes and administrative costs eventually required in the country they are based in or where their consultancy is registered. ECCJ will pay all administrative costs and taxes (VAT) incurred in Belgium which is 21% of the net value of this contract.
We invite interested parties when submitting your tender to indicate your rate per day. We encourage applicants to carefully take note of our guidelines and instructions to ensure your application will be considered. Selection is anticipated to be on the basis of the written application provided. Interviews of shortlisted candidates will be held on 28 and 29 April 2021. Interviews will be held online. The ideal candidate should be able to start as soon as possible.
Fees, schedule of payments, tasks and responsibilities, accountabilities and binding agreements will be discussed during the application process and are to be entered into contract between ECCJ and the selected candidate.

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