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Expiration Date

29 Oct 2020
Call for interest - 2020/CA/3/FGIII Social Media Journalist 
Job details 
Contract type:  Contract agent                              Contract duration:  1 year (initial contract) 
Post:  Assistant                                                       Hours per week:  40 
Function group / Grade: III                                    Job Location / Country:  Brussels / Belgium 
Approximate timetable 
Application open until: 29 October 2020 
Timing written and oral tests: November 2020 
Candidates shortlisted by: December 2020 
About the EPP Group 
The Group of the European People's Party (EPP Group) is the largest political group in the European Parliament. It brings together centre and centre-right pro-European political forces from the Member States of the EU, coming together to advance the goal of a more competitive and democratic Europe, closer to its citizens, and a social market economy. Its multinational secretariat provides political, administrative and technical support to its MEPs. 
The Campaigns Directorate ensures the dissemination of the political priorities of the EPP Group to the media and the general public. 
Job description  
The Social Media Journalist fulfils a supranational function within the EPP Group Secretariat and carries out the following functions and duties: 
  • Creating content around the parliamentary agenda;
  • Creating original content e.g. long form content, infographics and other formats (to be developed) around key themes that the EPP Group return to or cover repeatedly;
  • Maintaining posting and scheduling to all of the main social media channels;
  • Coordinating with the wider team in regards visual and video assets;
  • Reporting to the Editor of Social Media, assisting in scheduling upcoming original and campaign content in the content calendar;
  • Acting as a facilitator of change, clearly communicating and sharing best practices within and across teams. 
The post of Social Media Journalist in the Secretariat of the EPP Group requires a high degree of availability (high frequency of meetings, irregular working hours), flexibility, good judgement, a methodical approach, discretion, adaptability to varying workloads as well as the capacity for teamwork in an international environment. Suitable candidates must, among other things, be capable of grasping wide-ranging problems and be able to respond rapidly to changing circumstances and communicate effectively. 
Frequent travel outside the place of work is required, in particular several days per month in Strasbourg during the plenary session. 
Job requirements 
Candidates must have: 
  • a post-secondary education attested by a diploma followed by at least 2 year's full-time professional experience in social media news journalism similar to the duties as described in the job description OR a level of secondary education giving access to higher education attested by a diploma followed by at least 5 years’ full-time professional experience, out of which at least 2 years' experience of social media news journalism similar to the duties as described in the job description;
  • a thorough knowledge of one of the official languages of the European Union;
  • for work purpose, a very good knowledge of English is required (C1-C2 level);
  • a knowledge of French and/or German would be an asset;
  • a very good knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint);
  • a desired expertise in: Foreign Affairs, Legal and Home Affairs, Economy and Environment or Budget;
  • a high standard of editorial judgment, writing ability and understanding of production skills, based on substantial social media-based journalism experience within a high-profile media publishing environment; 
  • strong writing skills, an engaging vocabulary, experience with search engine optimization (SEO) when needed, and a good understanding of web analytics;
  • an ability to adapt to new formats and technologies and an ability to adopt and represent the tone and brand culture of the EPP Group;
  • an understanding of what drives successful social media in regards editorial content, digital content creation skills, how differing audience needs may impact social media content decisions, differing platform requirements and some understanding of digital content discovery routes and user journeys;
  • sound editorial judgment in developing ideas and producing accurate and high-quality digital content and journalism, specifically storytelling through social media content;
  • solid knowledge of social media and digital content best practices; 
  • understanding behaviours on social media, and some understanding of emerging platforms and trends;
  • Strong capabilities in coming up with editorial content and story ideas, brainstorming and creative thinking. 
Compensation & benefits 
  • Health insurance;
  • Accident insurance;
  • Unemployment insurance;
  • Personal and family allowances. 
General admission conditions 
Candidates must fulfil the following conditions (art. 12(2) of the CEOS): 
  • be a national of one of the Member States of the European Union;
  • enjoy their full rights as a citizen (have no criminal record);
  • have fulfilled any obligations imposed by the laws concerning military service;
  • meet the character requirements for the duties involved. 
Please click here for further information about CEOS 
General terms 
The EPP Group ensures that applicants' personal data are processed in line with Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2018 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data by the Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies and on the free movement of such data, particularly as regards their confidentiality and security and repealing Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 and Decision No 1247/2002/EC.
Before filling in the online application form, please read the following instructions carefully. 
Under no circumstances should candidates approach the Selection Committee themselves, either directly or indirectly, concerning this recruitment procedure. It reserves the right to disqualify any candidate who disregards this instruction. 
Candidates must provide the Selection Committee with all the information and documents it needs to verify the accuracy of the information given on the application form. 
Qualifications, professional experience as well as linguistic knowledge must be set out in detail in the application form and must be accompanied by supporting documents. 
Please note that the Selection Committee will base its decisions solely on the information given on the application form and substantiated by the supporting documents attached to it. The qualifications and professional experience which are not proved by supporting document(s) will not be taken into account. 
Candidates must attach to the application form the copies of the following documents: 
  • secondary education and post-secondary education diploma(s);
  • employment contracts (if applicable, both the initial contract and additional clauses in case of a fixed-term contract) or certificates, letters or attestations of appointment, indicating the exact nature of the activity performed and clearly indicating the start and end dates of periods of professional experience; (Please note that the traineeships, even paid ones, are not taken into account as professional experience);
  • in the case of current professional activity, a copy of the most recent salary slip to enable the  Selection Committee to calculate the length of professional experience;
  • in the case of self-employed activity: tax forms, VAT forms, trade register, social security documents, invoices, etc., to prove the professional experience;
  • documents proving the knowledge of the languages (certificates and diplomas). All claims regarding the candidate’s linguistic knowledge must be backed up by certificates and diplomas. In the absence of such documents, candidates must clearly explain, on a separate sheet, how they acquired this knowledge;
  • ID card or Passport. 
Please note that the documents proving professional experience must be accompanied by an unofficial translation in either English, French or German. 
If you wish to apply for this position, please:  
1. Complete in English the online application form available on our website: or via the URL link available at the end of this document. (Should you encounter any problems with the opening of the URL links included in this document, please download it first on your device.) 
2. Upload your photo in JPEG, PNG or GIF format (maximum size is 500 KB); 
3.  Upload in PDF format a table of contents; 
Note that each page of the supporting documents  attached to your application must be numbered and one single table of contents giving a description of each document and the corresponding page number(s) must be included; 
4. Upload in PDF format the supporting documents grouped into 5 separate files: 
  • Proof of education (copy of your diplomas & other certificates);
  • Proof of professional experience;
  • Proof of linguistic knowledge;
  • ID card/Passport;
  • Other documents. 
Note that the maximum size of attachment is 5 MB per file. 
Candidates with a physical disability are requested to enclose on a separate sheet, the details of any arrangements they may consider necessary to help them take the tests (to be uploaded under “Other document”). 
5. Click on the “Submit” button. You will receive shortly afterwards an acknowledgement email confirming that we have received your application. 
The address indicated by the candidate in the application form will be considered as the location from which the candidate will depart to travel to the place of the interview. It is the candidate's responsibility to inform the Selection Committee's secretariat in writing to the here under e-mail address, and in due time, of any change in personal data and/or address. 
All correspondence relating to the selection procedure, including the invitation to the tests will be sent to the e-mail address indicated by the candidate in the application form. 
Any urgent communication from the candidates must be transmitted to the Selection Committee's secretariat by email ( Candidates are asked NOT TO TELEPHONE. 
The selection will be based on qualifications. 
1. The Selection Committee will draw up a list of the candidates who have submitted applications in the form required and by the closing date. 
2. Candidates who: 
  • do not meet the conditions for admission and job requirements;
  • do not duly complete the online application form;
  • do not include an unofficial translation of the supporting documents proving their professional experience, either in English, French or German;
  • do not attach the supporting documents proving their qualifications and professional
  • experience or remove/black out any content of the supporting documents;
  • do not attach a copy of the ID card/Passport; 
will be eliminated. 
1. The Selection Committee will consider the applications, draw up the list of candidates who meet the job requirements and whose qualifications and duly attested periods of professional experience best match the tasks to be carried out. It will base its decision on the information given on the application form and substantiated by the supporting documents attached to it. 
2. Candidates will receive an email informing them of the Selection Committee’s decision on whether they have been shortlisted. 
3. If, at any stage in the procedure, it is established that the information given in your application form is incorrect or is not substantiated by supporting documents, or that all the conditions set out in the call for interest are not met, you will be disqualified. 
Candidates included on the list of suitable candidates will be eligible to be recruited as the need arises in the EPP Group. 
Recruitment will be as contractual agent in FGIII and 2 posts are to be filled in. Employment will be initially for a period of 1 year with a possibility of extension. Basic salary ranges from 2.750 € to 4.520 € depending on the length of previous professional experience. Benefits apply. 
The list of suitable candidates will have an initial validity of 1 year. It can be extended. If so, the candidates on the list will be duly informed. 
Short-listed candidates who are offered a job will in due course be required to produce the originals of their diploma(s), degree(s) and employment certificates for verification. 

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