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24 Aug 2020
Government Affairs Manager 
(permanent position)
The European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) is the pan-European voice of the crop protection industry. This Brussels-based association, representing 22 market-leading companies as well as national associations in 32 countries, is looking for a dynamic, self-starting, results-oriented Government Affairs Manager.
Reporting to the Director of Public Affairs, the Government Affairs Manager will implement advocacy strategies at a European level on legislative and reputational issues impacting on our industry. This is an exciting opportunity to be at the centre of one of the most high-profile and challenging sectors. 
Monitor relevant policy developments in the EU and internationally
Within the Public Affairs team, in collaboration with the Regulatory Affairs team and scientific expert groups, support the establishment of strategic direction for ECPA’s advocacy work and its translation into specific objectives and action plans, aligning the association network to support the advocacy priorities
Monitor, plan and manage advocacy needs within the Public Affairs Team and with relevant issue managers on issues impacting the crop protection business
Develop and implement actions that generate support for a fact-based discussion about the benefits of crop protection among the industry’s key stakeholders, including at public meetings and events 
Identify and manage supporting agency partners
Maintain active relationships with European institutions
Build relations and work with stakeholder peers
ECPA is seeking an accomplished Government Affairs Manager with a demonstrated track record, and who has at least 5 years of advocacy experience in Brussels, working in other high-profile industry sectors with significant regulatory and Public Affairs challenges would be an advantage. 
The successful candidate should have:
Experience in a multinational corporation, EU institution or association focused on innovative sectors and/or food and agriculture sectors is preferred
Demonstrated understanding of how EU officials develop and implement policy with the ability to analyse government policy/legislation and advocate positions before a range of key stakeholders (i.e. Commission, MEPs, Member States, food-chain partners)
Demonstrated ability to listen to and to understand others; develop and maintain key stakeholder relationships
Demonstrated consensus building skills and able to work effectively as part of a team (internal and external)
Strong interpersonal, networking, and public speaking skills
English at native-speaker level; and a good knowledge of another EU language would be an asset
As well as the above, the ideal candidate would also need to demonstrate the ability to be both adaptable and resilient, and effectively manage competing priorities.
Please send your letter of motivation together with your curriculum vitae to:
deadline by: 24 August 2020.

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