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15 Jul 2020
Meters and More AISBL - General Manager Position 
Association Background
Meters and More is an International non-profit association created in 2010 to adopt, maintain and evolve the field proven Meters and More open communication protocol for smart grid solutions
Currently, Meters and More is counting more than 40 world leading companies and institutions from different business sectors including utilities, solution providers, device manufacturers, system integrators, silicon vendors. The association is aiming at:
  • Driving Meters and More protocol evolution leveraging technological and business trends
  • Promoting the existence of a range of interoperable devices, applications and services by supporting open industry specifications without IPR limitations
  • Providing a certification process to assure product compliance with Meters and More specifications
Key Responsibilities
  • Association growth strategy definition and execution
  • Executive Coordination of the Association Committees (Technical, Certification and Communication)
  • Promotion of the association at the European and International communities of Equipment Manu-facturers, Electricity Distribution Utilities, Solution Providers, Technology Providers
  • Promotion of the association at the European and International Technical Committees (CEN/CENELEC, IEEE, IEC)
  • Members engagement and association business development
  • Day-by-day management of the Association (e.g., Administrative and fiscal duties, membership fee collection)

Professional Experience / Qualifications

  • 20+ years of experience in the energy utility sector and/or industrial sector
  • Proven Business Development experience in international environment, Product and Solution Devel-opment, Technology and Partner Scouting
  • Experience with European Institutions and regulations (European Commission and related Frame-work Program)
  • Familiarity with modern ICT technologies and industrial technological trends
  • The following characteristics will be considered a pro:
  • Experience in Business Development within international companies
  • Experience in Global Technical Committees (e.g., IEEE, IEC)
  • Knowledge of French, Italian or Spanish language
Job Type: part-time (50% of time)
Travel: 50% of time
Location: Brussels, BE
Language: English
The successful candidate is expected to contribute positively to the implementation of Meters & More’s vision and mission, by promoting and evolving the Association’s open communication protocol for smart grid solutions. If all requirements are met, qualified candidates will be included in a shortlist and contacted by the Secretariat for an interview (that will take place in June and July). The selected candidate will start in principle on September 1, 2020.
If you have any questions about this position, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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