Marine Turtle Field Assistant, Sal, Cape Verde

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29 Feb 2020

Project Biodiversity is looking for candidates to join our team as Field Assistants, from June until October, for the 2020 Loggerhead nesting season in Sal Island, Cape Verde. We need passionate, driven individuals who wish to help us protect this incredible species in its native habitat.

The position of Field Assistant is open to candidates with a commitment to conservation and a particular interest in working with marine turtles. You must have previous fieldwork experience but not necessarily on a turtle project. You will gain valuable experience in the field conducting:

  • Track identification
  • Collection of biometric data
  • Tagging and identifying previously tagged females
  • Nest relocations and excavations

In this capacity, Field Assistant duties will include night patrols to deter hunters and collect data on track identification, tagging and measuring the turtles.  There will also be morning patrols to relocate nests to the hatchery or other locations on the beach.  Following the end of the nesting season, Assistants will be responsible for monitoring and excavating hatched nests and releasing hatchlings. Assistants may also be involved in fundraising and outreach during public excavations at our hatcheries. Additional responsibilities include maintenance of the camp and its facilities, assisting in the training of the volunteers, and assisting in the general day to day running of the camp and team.

Project Biodiversity is based in Santa Maria, a popular tourist destination known for its beaches and water-sports. Participants are based in field camps out of town with self-catering accommodation in Santa Maria provided on rest days. Meals are provided for in camp but are not provided on the days off. Field Assistants will receive a stipend of €100 per month. Field Assistants are required to pay their own insurance and flights.

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