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07 Dec 2019
Applications are invited for the position of Borealis Alliance Policy & Regulatory Director. External candidates are welcome to apply.
Based in Brussels, this exciting role will work closely with the nine Alliance Members, to support the Alliance in the delivery of its objectives as well as tangible performance benefits for its customers. The Policy & Regulatory Director is a key member of the Alliance Executive Management (AEM) team, reporting directly to the Borealis Alliance Executive Director.
The Borealis Alliance was created in June 2012. It is an Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) Alliance and its Members are ANS Finland, Avinor, EANS, IAA, Isavia, LFV, LGS, NATS and Naviair. The agreed Vision of the Alliance is “To be the leading ANSP Alliance that enables its Members to drive better performance for stakeholders through business collaboration.”
The Borealis Alliance Policy & Regulatory Director has five main tasks:
1. Maintaining and expanding the Alliance’s influence with key stakeholders (airlines, ANSPs, European institutions, other Alliances) by engaging with policy shapers and influencers and providing regular intelligence related to evolving policy and regulation in Europe.
2. Identifying, reporting on and recommending a range of funding opportunities within Europe.
3. Developing and implementing policy and regulatory strategy for the Borealis Alliance and all its activities.
4. Working with and supporting the Borealis Alliance Programme and Project Managers to ensure that all Borealis Alliance activities are aligned with the Alliance’s regulatory strategy and European legislation.
5. Developing and implementing innovative regulatory approach for the Borealis Alliance and its cross-border, cross FAB, and international activities.
The Borealis Alliance Policy & Regulatory Director reports to the Borealis Alliance Executive Director and is accountable for the following:
1. Enabling Borealis Alliance Members collectively to be more influential with ICAO, European Commission, EASA, SESAR Joint Undertaking, EUROCONTROL, Network Manager, SESAR Deployment Manager, Performance Review Body, National Supervisory Authorities, CANSO, Industry Consultation Body, airspace users and flight planning service providers. This requires participation in all relevant meetings, developing, communicating and promoting Alliance positions and bringing key policy and regulatory information to Borealis Alliance meetings.
2. Reporting regularly all relevant policy and regulatory information (e.g. four quarterly reports to the Board, bi-weekly informal reports to the Executive Director).
3. Providing Alliance Members with information on possible funding opportunities and regulatory requirements (e.g. INEA, SESAR).
4. Participating and reporting from the INEA and SESAR information days.
5. Supporting and advising Alliance Members regarding their funding application process.
6. Supporting the Alliance Executive Director in realising the Borealis Alliance Programmes
and Projects.
7. Providing tactical and strategic advice to the Borealis Alliance Board and Accountable
Representatives, at their respective meetings.
8. Providing strategic and critical evaluation of opportunities, risks and mitigations for
Borealis Alliance activities.
9. Assessing the political environment and its impact on the Borealis Alliance and its’
10. Managing the Borealis Alliance office in Brussels on a day-to-day basis.
11. When requested, representing the individual Borealis Alliance Members at various
meetings taking place in Brussels.
The successful candidate should possess the following qualifications, experience, skills and
personal qualities:
  • 5+ years’ experience within the Air Traffic Management (ATM) industry and/or transport/aviation industry
  • Experience in dealing with European institutions and knowledge of the decision-making process within the European legislative system
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the major programmes and initiatives in Europe such as the Single European Sky initiative and related activities
  • Experience with industry-led groups
  • Fluent/proficient in English, with excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Cross-culturally aware

The following qualifications, experience, skills and personal qualities are desirable:

  • Fluent/proficient in one other Alliance language (apart from English)
The role will be a full-time role for a period of 24 months with a possibility of extension; the first
six months being the probation period. The job post is in Brussels and the applicant is expected
to be based in Brussels. The salary for the position will depend on qualifications and experience.
The job requires travel within Europe, averaging once a month.
Applications should be in the form of a CV and cover letter, concisely setting out relevant
capabilities and experience. If the applicant is currently employed by one of the Borealis
Alliance ANSPs, their application must be accompanied by a note confirming support for the
application from their employer.
Applications should be sent to Mr. Reynir Sigurdsson, ExecDir@borealis.aero by close of business on 06 December 2019. The selected candidates will be invited for interview on an agreed date (TBC) at the Borealis Alliance Office, Avenue de
Cortenbergh 100, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.
For more information regarding the post please contact the Borealis Alliance Executive Director,
Mr. Reynir Sigurdsson (ExecDir@borealis.aero).


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