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27 Jul 2019
The Permanent Representation of Ireland to the OECD and UNESCO, based in Paris, is recruiting two stagiaires for a six-month internship, beginning early October 2019.
Terms and conditions: The internship is a Stage Conventionné and prospective interns must provide evidence of compliance with this. 
Remuneration is approximately €525 per month, plus a monthly contribution, in accordance with French regulations, of approximately €180 towards meals.
The terms and conditions will not be negotiable and successful candidates will be expected to take up duty on the dates indicated.
(Candidates may in certain circumstances be eligible to receive an Erasmus grant)
The main tasks are:
assisting with report-writing, event management and some administrative duties as well as attending and representing Ireland at meetings at the OECD and UNESCO. The interns work closely with diplomatic staff in the relevant policy areas.
The two internships offer an opportunity to those interested in international politics and economics to experience how multilateral bodies like the OECD and UNESCO work to foster global co-operation.
Interns will
  • experience how the OECD carries out high-quality research and develops policy responses to challenges across a range of economic and public policy areas (including development, trade, education, innovation, health services and energy).
  • observe and assist in Ireland’s contribution to OECD policy making and how it seeks to benefit from the wealth of OECD expertise.
  • have the opportunity to observe how an important UN body like UNESCO operates in a challenging environment and fulfills its multiple missions.
  • assist Ireland’s participation in UNESCO activities, including EU-coordination and UNESCO’s support for Ireland’s broad cultural heritage.
Interns are assigned to work in-depth with a specific organisation with scope to explore the other as interest and opportunities dictate.
The Mission would endeavour to give interns an experience that would be of value to those who might wish to pursue career opportunities in diplomacy, public policy and administration, international bodies and international business.
Candidates must be able to demonstrate a good knowledge of Ireland, as well as a familiarity with the work of both the OECD and UNESCO. 
An ability to work comfortably – orally and written - in English is essential. 
A strong knowledge of current affairs and an understanding of the workings of international organisations is highly desirable for both internships. 
An ability to work in French is very desirable for the UNESCO internship role, while an academic background or experience in economics or a related field is desirable for the OECD role. Language skills will be tested.
Previous interns in the Mission have subsequently obtained permanent positions in Ireland’s diplomatic service, other Irish Embassies, state bodies, international organisations and in business.
If interested, please email a CV and motivation letter (in English) to
The deadline for applications is 6pm CET Friday 26th July.
Receipt of all applications will be acknowledged, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Interviews are envisioned to take place in early September 2019.
By submitting information electronically, parties accept that data may not be fully secure. Parties may alternatively send their submissions by post to:
Permanent Representation to the OECD and UNESCO
12 Avenue Foch
75116 Paris
Any personal information submitted to us will only be used for its intended purposes and will be destroyed when no longer needed. 
Any other processing or disclosure of personal data is not allowed other than in the exceptional circumstances provided for under the Data Protection Acts.

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