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26 Jul 2019
Job description
Job no. 001 in Children’s Rights
Valid from 01/11/2019 until 2024
Job title
European Commissioner for Children
Reports to:
President of the European Commission
Generic domain
Children's rights
Specific domain
Fundamental rights, Budget, Finance, Better Regulation, Inter-Institutional relations, Rule of law.
Overall purpose
To represent the interests of children under the age of 18 in all EU affairs, including laws and policies for the 28 EU Member States, accession countries and in its external action. The Commissioner seeks to ensure children are visible; that there are effective mechanisms in place to ensure children are involved in all decision-making that affects them, and that there are special initiatives that will improve children’s lives.
Legal disclaimer
This is not a real vacancy yet. This job description is part of a petition launched by Eurochild to seek a European Commissioner for Children in the next mandate of the European Commission 2019-2024. Demand your EU leaders to make this job a reality by signing the petition.
Functions and duties
  • Leadership and management.  Lead the work of the European Commission on the promotion and protection of the rights of the child, as per Article 3. TEU. Ensure that children are not just seen as Europe’s “future” but as 20% of its present population directly impacted by EU legislative and non-legislative action. Represent the interest of children at the highest political level when it comes to decisions affecting them and the realisation of their rights. Promote equality and non-discrimination. Set the European Union’s agenda on children’s rights. Initiate legislative and non-legislative proposals on behalf of the European Commission that are aimed at better outcomes for children.
  • Inter-institutional relations work closely with the other EU institutions and Member States.Report regularly to the European Parliament on the situation of children’s rights in the European Union.
  • Impact Assessment. Responsible for ensuring ex-ante impact assessments of European Commission proposals from the perspective of the best interests of the child.
  • Relations with stakeholders. Responsible for meaningful engagement of civil society, including children on the work of the European Commission.
  • External Relations. Support the European Union’s relations with third countries in putting children’s rights high on the agenda of external action.
  • Budget and finance. Has the budgetary oversight of all EU resources benefitting children. Makes progress towards accounting for EU spending on children and encourage Member States to do the same.
Job requirements
  • Leaderships, managerment, External relations, Inter-institutional relations. 
Job-Related experience:
  • Background in children’s rights / fundamental rights / social inclusion.
  • Previous experience in a national government is essential.
  • Experience in engagement with civil society and direct engagement with stakeholders is essential.
  • Budget and finance
  • Financial regulation and procedures ◦ Impact assessments
  • EU aquis & fundamental rights
  • International relations (generic)
  • policy knowledge of the : social inclusion; human rights; migration; justice and fundamental rights; health; education; justice; development; digital agenda; investment; cohesion and budgets. Competences • Leadership ◦ Capacity to mobilise and manage people • Communicating ◦ Ability to understand and be understood ◦ Capacity to communicate and engage diverse interlocutors • Delivering Quality and Results ◦ Accountability ◦ Capacity to act upon problems • Learning and Development ◦ Openness to consult with diverse stakeholders (including children) • Working with Others ◦ Confidentiality ◦ Knowledge sharing
Before appointment, the selected candidate(s) would interview with the European Parliament and a group of children actively engaged in public decision-making.
Demand your EU leaders to make this job a reality by signing the petition.

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