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25 Feb 2019
About EuroGeoSurveys (EGS)
EGS is a non-profit organisation of the Geological Surveys of Europe, the national institutions responsible for geological inventory, monitoring, knowledge and research.
For 45 years the main objective of EuroGeoSurveys has been to contribute to society’s welfare. We turn geoscientific information into European wide knowledge, technologies and services easily accessible and beneficial to society and economic growth.
Our principal purpose is to provide public Earth science knowledge to support the EU’s competitiveness, social well-being, environmental management and international commitments. For more information, visit:
The overall objectives of the EGS communication strategy are to communicate our results and our strength to key stakeholders (encompassing the European Commission officers, policy makers, international institutions, researchers, media, citizens, etc.) and enhance the awareness on the importance of geology for economy, society and environment.
Tasks and responsibilities include:
The Administrative officer should have good administrative and organisation skills. He or she has experience with accounting and different accounting software (such as Popsy).
He/she is honest, trustworthy and very well organised, she/he is able to respect deadlines, to work with minimal or no supervision, and can successfully carry out multiple tasks. He/she has good communication skills, perfect in English, French and preferably Dutch, and has the ability in establishing and maintaining relationships through teamwork and networking with EGS service providers.
He/she will be working in close cooperation with the Director of EGS Secretariat and Secretary General and other EGS Secretariat staff members.
Major duties include:
Accounting activities:
Preparing invoices. Monitoring due payments and outstanding debts; paying creditors, suppliers and service providers. Accounting, financial and legal administration for the EGS secretariat, ETP SMR, EGDI, Minerals4EU Foundation, YES, and for projects in cooperation with the responsible person. Regular contact with accountant and keeping records of files and documents. Managing the archives.
HR and Personnel:
Managing salary system of Partena. Managing holiday schedules/calendar, registration and follow up on sick leave, lunch vouchers and all related personnel activities. Follow up on worksheet registrations.
Office Management and assistance activities:
  1. Providing secretarial support; filtering and dispatching telephone calls and mail, arranging appointments, dealing with office suppliers and service providers, welcoming guests.
  2. (co-) Organisation of workshops, conferences, congresses and exhibits and workshops.
  3. Managing all aspects of EGS internal meetings, especially the General Meetings and National Delegates Fora; handling participation lists, organising the logistics, dealing with service providers, liaising with other colleagues for the parts of competence.
  4. Assisting in all aspects of the preparation and execution of missions, payments, reimbursements, administrative and logistic support for the team, as well as for the members.
  5. eManaging all aspects of the EGS meeting room, as well for internal meetings as for rented by third parties: renting, hosting, catering and invoicing.
  6. fKeeping track of stock of all office supplies.
  7. Assisting all staff members with the needed administrative and logistic support.
Work conditions
Duration will be 24 hour/week contract, salary and other related aspects shall be discussed with interested applicants during the recruitment process. The contact person is Ms Celine Andrien, the Director of EGS Secretariat (


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