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09 Dec 2018
FPF Europe is established by leaders of Future of Privacy Forum to serve as a catalyst for privacy leadership and scholarship, advancing principled data practices in support of emerging technologies and human rights.
The managing director will implement FPF’s agenda in Europe, oversee its day to day operations, maintain ties to Future of Privacy Forum leadership and manage relationships with stakeholders in industry, government, academia and civil society.
The managing director’s responsibilities will include:
  • Managing FPF’s day to day operations on the ground in Europe;
  • Representing FPF publicly, including in the press and to government;
  • Maintaining and expanding relationships with stakeholders in the business community;
  • Engaging policymakers, regulators, academics and business leaders, convening groups for discussion and organizing panels and conferences;
  • Overseeing communications with FPF leadership and advisory board;
  • Navigating a European policy agenda together with FPF leadership;
  • Managing contributions from research fellows;
  • Managing FPF’s partnerships with academic partners;
  • Annual Brussels Privacy Symposium
  • Commissioners Meeting Side event
  • Education Program
  • Managing FPF activities under various foundation grants;
  • Work with FPF policy staff to help keep FPF stakeholders abreast of EU data protection law developments; and
  • Maintain presence in Brussels.
Desired qualifications:
  • 10 years data protection or related experience;
  • Ability to work with diverse stakeholders;
  • Experience working with EU institutions, data regulators, or national governments; and
  • Strong writing skills.
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