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24 Jul 2018

Secretary General
Job vacancy announcement and call for interest

UECBV is recruiting a Secretary General (SG) in view of the forthcoming retirement of the current SG. The SG is the public face of the organisation, responsible for the office leadership and for giving direction and clarity to the organisation’s management and strategic policy development.

Job Description

The priority set for the new SG will be to enhance the representation of the organisation, to look after the interests of its members and to expand the organisation’s current visibility.

Key Deliverables

  • Provide clear strategic direction for UECBV and overall leadership;
  • Deliver on UECBV commitments at the highest standard of performance;
  • Introduce new activities based on member requirements;
  • Secure new funding agreements;
  • Fully implement the UECBV Articles and Rules;
  • Effectively deliver objectives established in the association’s work programme;
  • Develop and maintain high reputation and visibility for UECBV;
  • Increase membership;
  • Effective financial control and management;
  • Facilitate a culture that inspires and motivates the team;
  • Actively seek out and promote initiatives that improve and maximise efficiency and make best use of resources;
  • Prove excellent ability to do research, to collect, analyse and summarise information, to draft notes and reports, to make proper use of public relations to the benefit of the members.

Person Specification

As a potential candidate, you will be assessed against the following key requirements for the job:

A. Degree/Experience

  • University Business degree, preferably a PHD, Master Degree or an MBA in political science, law, economy, agronomy, veterinary medicine;
  • Solid track record of strong leadership, building and motivating effective and productive teams in an association of comparable size;
  • Experience and understanding of the EU Institutions and their procedures;
  • Experience and understanding of the Single Market;
  • Experience and understanding of international development issues, including trade and economic development;

B. Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to establish credibility quickly;
  • Ability to provide direction and leadership in a way that inspires confidence and commitment and encourages ideas, innovation and initiative from others;
  • Robust and comfortable with operating in a challenging environment;
  • Committed to the efficient and effective management of financial and human resources;
  • Capacity to multi-task and manage several projects simultaneously, demonstrating excellent time management and organisational skills;
  • Willingness to travel on a regular basis and to work flexible hours;
  • Demonstrate proactive, critical and flexible thinking skills;
  • Excellent English (UECBV’s working language). Knowledge of French and German will be an asset.

Terms of contract

  • Permanent full time position for undetermined period;
  • Position open to EU Member States citizens;
  • Salary will be in accordance to the responsibilities of the position and experience of the selected candidate;
  • The new SG will be supported on demand by the former SG to have a smooth transitional period.

Application Procedure

To submit application for this vacancy, please use the UECBV online recruitment system.

How to apply online?

  1. Go to the UECBV dedicated webpage
  2. Respond to application-related questions and confirm.
  3. You will receive an email allowing you to send your CV and motivation letter.

Deadline: 24th July 2018, midnight (Brussels time)

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