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28 Mar 2018
BD Electronics is a subsidiary of the German Electronic distributor, ML Components. The main company is based in Germany (Mainz). Our Sales department is multilingual with over 10 languages being spoken daily. The team at BD Electronics prides itself on its sourcing ability of electronic components. We have direct contact with over 700 recognized EC vendors worldwide. Additionally, BD Electronics has visibility on otherwise hidden "Excess OEM Stock" from 100's of OEMs globally. This all means that we have the ability to find Components that other Electronic distributors do not. 
  • Locating products
  • Negotiate pricing, recognize market trends and in-demand items 
  • Developing and maintaining business relationships with Vendor Reps.       
  • This position interfaces internally with the Sales Department and externally with Vendor Reps. Applicant should be able to work well with others, and must be detail orientated 
  • Currently enrolled or owned of Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Economics/Supply chain management/International Trade
  • Attention to detail
  • Good organizational skills   
  • Good level in English   
  • Good communication/negotiation skills and teamwork
  • A positive attitude
  • Chinese language is an advantage



Please send your up-to-date CV and a letter of motivation to: hr5@mlcomponents.com

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