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20 Feb 2018

The APEEE of Brussels IV is an aisbl (a not for profit international association) operating within the European School of Laeken. The APEEE IV manages several services: the school transport, the extracurricular activities, the canteen as well as the cafeteria.

We are currently looking for a Canteen Manager, responsible for the daily management of the canteen and the cafeteria. 1800 meals per day are prepared and cooked at the canteen. A cafeteria also welcomes the students, with approximatively 180 daily entries.

The responsibilities of the Canteen Manager will include:

  • Supervising, leading, motivating, coordinating a team of 9 employees in order to optimize the use of human resources while ensuring the quality of the canteen and the cafeteria
  • Designing and presenting, implementing and monitoring objectives and action plans within the framework laid down by the hierarchy and in close collaboration with the Chef and his team

Responsible for managing relationships with various partners of the canteen service such as:

  • The parents and the students
  • The education authorities
  • The other APEEE
  • The suppliers and the service providers (table service, computing, …)
  • Ensuring that services are of good quality by an efficient management of specific canteen matters (facilities management, computer park, computer programs, …)
  • Providing an interface with the other administrative bodies of the APEEE (accounting, communication, …)
  • Monitoring, coordinating and controlling the service’s contract and budget management
  • Managing the internal and external communication in close collaboration with the Communication Officer
  • Participating in working groups, institutional committees, and/or interinstitutional committees, etc.

The candidate must meet management and problem solving capacities. He must get to the heart of the matter, be creative, innovative and proactive and show a great sense of priorities.

He will feel comfortable working in a multicultural environment while cultivating confidentiality and discretion.Working knowledge (oral and written) of French and English is essential and a sufficient writing skill in French and English is required.

The candidate should possess HACCP knowledge as well as other applicable regulations, team management methods (human resources, etc.). The candidate will hold a Horeca diploma and must have acquired a probative professional experience in the catering industry.

The position reports to the director of the APEEE and is based in Laeken (Brussels).

Permanent contract, full time.

Please send your motivation letter and your resume to Mr Eric Piettre, APEEE Bruxelles 4, drève Sainte-Anne, 86, 1020 Bruxelles or per email Deadline for application is Wednesday 20th February 2018. 

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