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22 Dec 2017

The Europlanet 2020 Research Infrastruture project (EPN2020-R1) seeks to address key scientific  and technological challenges facing modern planetary science bypoviding open access to  state-of -the-art research data models and and facilities across the European Research Area. By providing the underpinning facilities that European planetary sientists need to  conduct there research, EPN2020-RI will create cooperation and effective synergies between its different components: space exploration, ground based observations, laboritory and field experiments , numerical modelling, and technology, The project is collaboration between 33 beneficiaries (partner institutions) with a further 22 affiliated partners providing support and contributions resourced from there institutions or funding routes. the project is based around 13 Work Packages that will enable a coherent and integrated approach to the challenge of unifying and optimising the capabilities among the European planetry science community.

As Project Manager, you will be key to the success of the project, working with all 33 partner institutions. Reporting to the project coordinator, you will maintain oversite of all Work Packages ensuring progress against project milestones and budgets You will support the EPN2020-R1 Executive Board and Committees, communicating and implementing decisions including the distribution of the grant amongst the beneficiaries, leading the development of the projects systems, procedures and records managment systems and ensuring appropriate management and co-ordination in accordance with EU standards. Communication and negotiating skills will be critical in the post  and experience in working with complex and organizational structures will be valuable.

You will be required to undertake foreign travel including a one week  annual project management meeting. You will be expected to attend meetings in Brussels, Belgium and may represent the project at other EU/EC project meetings in member states.

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