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19 Jul 2019

Job Vacancy for Velo-city Conference and Networks Manager 

About European Cyclists’ Federation

  • We are the European federation of cyclists’ full members and associate members representing people in 89 organizations in over 40 countries.
  • We are the international voice of cyclists in a European civil society and the world’s largest and best-known international cyclists’ advocacy and umbrella organization.
  • We are focusing on the development of cycling as an accessible and attractive mode of transport, leisure and tourism for all people.

By 2030 we are aiming for:

  • Cycling levels to be at least doubled to a 15% of trips in Europe
  • The rate of ‘cyclists killed or seriously injured per km’ in Europe to be decreased by 50%
  • A major increase of the value and volume of the cycling market

ECF’s approach and activities

  • International advocacy, promotional activities and projects for cycling
  • Supporting national advocacy through member groups, partners, networks and supporters
  • Building international support and resources for cycling
  • Supporting demonstration projects, research and development of new approaches
  • Supporting education and training
  • Organizing, attending and promoting events e.g. the ECF Velo-city Series

Job title: Velo-city Conference and Networks Manager

Main responsibilities

  • Understand requirements and details of events planning and execution
  • Manage different stakeholders and interests towards the goals of the event
  • Plan and organise events with attention to financial and time constraints and very strict deadlines
  • Perform venues inspection in line with the needs of the event, including intellectual programme
  • Manage event registrations
  • Manage fully the intellectual content of the conference including recruiting speakers, speakers’ management, session coordination and local execution of the programme throughout the conference.
  • Attend meetings with stakeholders, including city officials, sponsors, exhibitors, etc and coordinate with them regularly making sure their needs are considered
  • Manage third party providers such as catering, PCO, exhibition material etc
  • Liaise with local organisers to oversee the whole local planning of the conference
  • Negotiate with providers to achieve the most favorable terms
  • Oversee personnel during the event including ECF board and staff
  • Evaluate personnel, provide reports and organise the evaluation of the event internally (ECF board and staff)
  • Manage all event operations (bidding process, negotiation, site visit, preparing venue, invitations, food, drinks, side and social events etc.) together with the director of the stream
  • Understand preparation, planning and control the budget of the conference
  • Oversee the marketing and communications of the conference making sure it is aligned with the main objectives of the project
  • Plan, prepare and engage in the commercial areas of the conference – sponsorship and exhibition
  • Conduct the full evaluation of the conference and build the final report (data collection and analysis including communications outreach analysis and quantification)
  • Assist the senior management to organise workshops and meetings leading up to the conference
  • Book travel (hotel and accommodation) for ECF board and staff for the conference
  • Assist with the management of various ECF networks, including workshop and meetings for the networks

Ideal candidate profile

  • Academic background:   Masters’ degree or equivalent. Preferably in hospitality, marketing, communications, PR and/or Project Management
  • Professional background:
    • At least 3 years of experience in managing complex projects and big events or in similar role
    • Experience with Speakers’ ready room and dealing with speakers on site is a must
    • Portfolio of successful events
    • Experience in sales including recruiting sponsorship and exhibitors desirable
    • Experience in negotiating and networking
    • Experience of successfully prioritizing tasks in order to respect the deadlines
    • Sense of ownership, responsibility and pride in your performance and its impact on association’s success
    • Awareness of political and diplomatic sensitivity
    • Knowledge of basic recruitment practices
  • Tools:
    • Proficiency in Microsoft MS Office
    • Experience with CRM database tools
    • Experience with web management (updating websites, coordinating communications and events webpages, registration, side events, etc)
  • Core competencies:
    • Excellent stakeholders and providers management skills
    • Good time-management skills
    • Great interpersonal and communication skills
    • Critical, analytical and strategic thinker
    • Good problem-solving skills
    • Team Player
    • Ability to work unsupervised
    • Detail oriented and good organisational skills
    • Responsible and achievement oriented personality
  • Languages:
  • Excellent writing and oral communication in English (drafting documents, analysis and reports). The working language of ECF is English
  • Any other European language is an asset


ECF offers an employment package in line with similar non-government organizations based in Brussels. Our package includes flexible working hours with a good life-work balance, 20 legal vacation and 10 extra-legal vacation days, cycling to work allowance and train allowance, lunch vouchers and an extra legal pension scheme.

How to apply

Please submit your CV and motivation letter no later than Friday, 19th July 2019 EOB.

The application must be exclusively submitted in an electronic format to the e-mail address:

We would like to thank in advance all interested applicants. Due to a large number of applications, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


The ECF is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes the applications of all qualified candidates irrespective of their racial or ethnic origin, opinions or beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, health or disabilities. You need to have a legal right to work in Belgium in order to be considered for this position.  

The ECF promotes an efficient use of resources in order to improve its effectiveness. Employees are requested to actively accomplish this goal.

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