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29 May 2019
  1. Introduction

The Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR) is the association of European Road Authorities dedicated to the promotion of excellence in the management of roads. The strategic objectives of CEDR are to:

  • Help NRAs to keep ahead of the curve, anticipate future trends and prepare them to face new challenges.
  • Reinforce NRAs role as key providers of efficient and seamless mobility from an end user perspective within the transport system.
  • Facilitate and optimize the efficient use of resources, making the best use of existing infrastructures.
  • Improve the safety and sustainability of roads, and reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Research and innovation are one important focus of CEDR and our Governing Board stresses that innovation is a part of the CEDR strategic objective 'To help NRAs to keep ahead of the curve, anticipate future trends and prepare them to face new challenges' and that innovation will shape NRAs' future core business as well as the legislation that frames their activities. The CEDR Transnational Research Coordinator provides support from the CEDR secretariat in Brussels to CEDR’s Working Group Innovation and coordinates the operation of CEDR’s Transnational Research Programme.

  1. Working Group Innovation

Working Group (WG) Innovation brings together representatives from across CEDR member countries, each participating on behalf of their CEDR Governing Board member. The group typically meets three times per year. The CEDR Transnational Research Coordinator organises these meetings and provides day-to-day support to drive forward the group’s work and implement their decisions across all of the group’s responsibilities. Working Group Innovation responsibilities include:

  • Provide strategic advice on innovation to the CEDR Governing Board and Executive Board.
  • Consult with CEDR member bodies and other CEDR Working Groups to identify research needs of European road authorities.
  • Annually update CEDR’s three-year rolling plan of potential research topics.
  • Organise annual Calls for Proposals under the CEDR Transnational Research Programme (further information in section 3).
  • Disseminate research results, from the CEDR Transnational Research Programme and other relevant research programmes, across CEDR member bodies.
  • Engage with other European public bodies, including from other transport modes, to cooperate with and support the CEDR innovation activities where possible.
  • Engage and cooperate closely with relevant European Commission projects to support European road directors.
  • Monitor and report on national implementation of research results from the CEDR TRP.

The Transnational Research Coordinator should expect to be actively involved in all aspects of this work.

  1. Transnational Research Programme

The CEDR Transnational Research Programme (TRP) operates through a series of annual transnational calls on topics that address the needs of European road authorities. The aim is to produce research results that can be implemented by CEDR members and contribute to a safe, sustainable and efficient road network across Europe.  The programme is independent and fully owned by CEDR and its members, with funding for each programme contributed voluntarily by interested road authorities.

Each annual Call for Proposals is prepared by WG Innovation for approval by the CEDR Governing Board and typically has two to four different topics and resulting separate research programmes. Each Call is launched by a CEDR member who acts as Programme Manager (contracting authority) for that Call, under the name of CEDR. Each such programme is then owned and overseen by a Programme Executive Board (PEB) of representatives from the funding CEDR members. At any given time, there may be 10 to 12 different  CEDR research programmes operating in parallel at different stages of delivery: from Call for Proposals to project selection to project delivery and, finally, monitoring of implementation of research results.

The Transnational Research Coordinator will be expected to provide support to all Programme Managers, PEBs and research projects at each stage of each research programme, including:

  • Selection of successful research proposals.
  • Assessment of projects’ progress and providing input and guidance from the funding CEDR members.
  • Dissemination of results to CEDR members throughout each programme, with particular importance on End of Programme dissemination.
  • Monitoring and reporting on national implementation of research results.
  • Supporting strong levels of communication and cooperation between all relevant parties in each research programme.

Transnational Research Coordinator

The CEDR Transnational Research Coordinator is to undertake the following specific tasks, among others:

  1. Support the WGI chair and Vice-Chairs in organisation of the meetings, as a part of the CEDR WGI activities. This includes:
  • Help each meeting host to organise the venue,
  • With the WGI chair, prepare and disseminate the agendas and the minutes of the meetings,
  • Support and implement certain decisions or solutions from the meeting,
  • Identify and forward any relevant information to the members concerned.
  1. Analysis of CEDR WG, NRA and EC programmes (including identification of any opportunities for co-funded projects or joint calls)
  • Liaise with WG Leaders and Focus Area Coordinators on forthcoming research needs,
  • Monitor developments with EC programmes and projects for synergies and opportunities related to research and its dissemination.
  1. Organise collaborative calls:
  • Consult CEDR WGs and NRAs for the future topics (including organisation of workshops where required),
  • Check for possible duplications and alignments with other research programmes (EC, technology platforms etc.) and advise NRAs when their proposed national projects may be similar to projects already completed by other NRAs,
  • Draft short descriptions of the prioritised themes, from the inputs from WGI and other WG members,
  • Organise detailed workshops on selected themes,
  • Coordinate Task Forces working on research programme specifications (“Descriptions of Research Needs”, “DoRNs”)
  • Organise the funding commitment from NRAs,
  • Organise kick-off meetings of Programme Executive Boards (PEBs)
  • Liaise with PEB Chairs and PEB Project Managers and provide update reports for WGI and EB meetings
  • Support call for proposals, evaluations and contracting arrangements,
  • Coordinate and support project dissemination.
  1. Maintain and update the “Toolbox” of good practice, by liaising and exchanging information and experience with the Programme Executive Boards (PEBs) of existing calls.
  1. Assist NRAs and WGI to disseminate results of the transnational research activities:
  • Oversee publishing of results of transnational research activities (calls) on the CEDR website,
  • Organise the End of Programme conferences to disseminate final results of CEDR programmes,
  • Maintain the WGI website,
  • Liaise with PEBs and provide update reports.


The successful applicant will be hard-working, self-motived and able and willing to travel extensively in Europe. Experience of international cooperation activities and a high-level of written and spoken English is required. Proficiency in other major European languages (especially German and/or French) would be an advantage.

Contract and Remuneration

The contract will be under Belgian law and normal conditions will apply.

The monthly salary will depend on qualifications and experience. The gross will be in the range 2,750 to 3,750 euro per month.

Applicants are requested to send their CV together with a letter of motivation by Friday 17th May to with the subject line ''Transnational Research Coordinator: full name''.  

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