Trainee (Project Management Team)

Job Experience

Job Location

Expiration Date

24 Jul 2018

Starting date: From September 2018 
Duration: 1-3 months (aligning to the trainee's capacity)

This traineeship is ideal for students studying European project management, international relations (with specialization of healthcare policies, social sciences) and who want to enrich his/her CV with international job experience working in a multicultural environment in beautiful Barcelona. 

Job's description

Management and coordination of the financial and scientific periodic and final reports of 2 European Research Projects financed by FP7 and Chafea (H2020) financial instruments,  that must be submitted to the European Commission during the internship period (Sept-Nov 2018).

This includes actively participating in the teleconferences/meetings that we do with the partners to coordinate the work. You would enter to work in the core coordination of the project and you will work in our offices located in the Tropical Medicine Unit, the Vall d 'Hebron Hospital (one of the largest hospitals in Spain, Barcelona).

At the end of the internship you would have a very clear idea about the implementation of a European project. You would know the basis of the management of an international project from a global point of view. 

Some specific tasks:

  • Monitoring of the scientific work of the consortium, create master files with the inputs of the project partners
  • Review of activities and achievement of the objectives of the work packages
  • Evaluating financial activities carried out and reported by project partners (cost eligibility training will be provided)
  • Consolidate scientific and financial reports
  • Preparing minutes/notes after the consortium meetings
  • Database management and update
  • Upload information to the European Commissions’ project implementation website in a consistent manner (Participant Portal)
  • Translation of scientific and communication materials

Information about the 2 European projects:

  1. MyHealth project aims at improving the healthcare access of vulnerable immigrants and refugees newly arrived to Europe. 
  2. Berenice project has been created to obtain a more effective, better tolerated and cheaper formulation of a drug with trypanocidal activity to cure Chagas disease. 

Requirement from applicant: 

  • Strong interest in carrying out project management activities
  • Language skills: English (at least intermediate level written and spoken), Spanish (at least basic conversational level)
  • Proactivity and good communication skills
  • Interest in health and immigration policies topics
  • Experience in European project management is a big asset
  • Any additional knowledge of foreign language(s) is an asset (mainly one of these follows: French, Italian, German, Russian, Urdu, Arabic, Turkish)

Practical information: 

  • You should be able to join us during the core working hours as follows: Monday-Thursday: 9 am-5 pm ; Friday: 9 am-3 pm. 
  • Laptop will be provided at the working premises.
  • This offer is for students and young graduates. 
  • This is an unpaid internship

How to apply? 

Via email addressed to: Mrs. Eva Hajdok, International Project Manager

Application must contain:

  • A short cover letter in English specifying your interest and potential experience in carrying out project management activities in particular.
  • Please include in your cover letter your availability (starting and ending date of your traineeship period) 

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