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14 Dec 2019
Call for Applications: Software Architect

The European Medicines Verification Organisation (EMVO) is the Brussels based organisation responsible for bringing forward the European Medicines Verification System (EMVS).

EMVO was created in 2015 as a joint initiative of EU supply chain stakeholders, representing manufacturers (EAEPC, EFPIA, Medicines for Europe), wholesalers (GIRP), community pharmacists (PGEU) and hospitals (EAHP, HOPE) and is bringing forward the EMVS in accordance with the EU’s Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and the Delegated Regulation (DR). It ensures the implementation of a functioning, secure, interoperable and cost-effective system across Europe, to ensure patient health and safety.

EMVO is a dynamic, multi-lingual team undergoing a period of growth as we adapt our structure to meet the needs of the Operational Phase of the EMVS. A fantastic opportunity is now available for a Software Architect to join our team. You will make a valuable contribution to the successful running of the EMVS and be involved in growing a project which is of vital importance to the European pharmaceutical sector.

Reporting to EMVO’s Head of Operations you will be become an expert in the European Medicines Verification System (EMVS) and its technical details, while ensuring the interoperability of the entire EMVS system.

Required skills & competences:

  • Defines and ensures the technical (evolution of the) EMVO System Landscape/Architecture and ensures the technical interoperability of the EMVS Ecosystem.
  • Ensures that the System Suppliers deliver the right system and challenges/provides guidance to the design/architectural and technical choices and decisions.
  • Understands the infrastructure and is capable to provide guidance to the System Suppliers on this topic.
  • Is capable to discuss the implementation of the changes to the system(s) with the Software Suppliers.
  • Understands the infrastructural needs of the EMVO systems and ensures the infrastructure remains state of the art.
  • Ensures the Software Suppliers exercise a state-of-the-art software development method and properly document the System.
  • Understands the costs and cost model of developing, maintaining and operating the System.
  • Will be part of the Change Advisory Board.
  • Shares/transfers their expertise with the colleagues of EMVO and helps them in their day-to- day support and incident management activities.

Skills & Competences

  • At least 5 years’ experience as Software Engineer/Architect
  • Broad technological background of several technological environments, certainly Microsoft.NET and Azure.
  • Enhanced infrastructural knowledge, especially cloud based.
  • Capable of defining the technical system requirements.
  • Capable to provide technical guidance to the Software Supplier(s)
  • Solid experience of communicating in an international environment.
  • Capacity to communicate at any level of an organization.
  • Capacity to report on management and board level.
  • Experience gained in a multicultural environment.
  • Experience in the pharmaceutical sector/supply chain.
  • Excellent verbal communication and presentation skills
  • Fluent in English and at least 1 other European Language.
  • Excellent teamwork skills
  • Strong motivational skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Flexibility, proactivity and focus on results.

What we can offer you

  • A full-time position in the centre of Brussels
  • An attractive salary supplemented by a number of fringe benefits.
  • A dynamic working environment with an open culture and pleasant atmosphere


If this sounds like a match, then we want to hear from you

Send your CV and motivation letter to before December 20th

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