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27 Apr 2017

EOS BXL Senior position: 

Manager / Head of the Brussels office

We are looking for: Pro-active, half managerial & half sales (business development) type of personality; the one who by nature likes to head out for meetings, acquire new contacts and clients. Person who has relevant experience with Brussels style of public affairs work and in the same time experience with public funding, i.e. communitarian financial mechanisms and EU-decided structural funds. We prefer candidate who is already based in Brussels and is fully familiar with EU institutions, comitology etc.

  • Age: 35 plus, i.e. at least 10-15 years of relevant work experience
  • Type of Contract / Cooperation: unlimited period
  • Assignment: Full-time
  • Office: Schuman Rondabout 2-4, Brussels
  • Languages: English as work language, French/Dutch/Italian/German/Spanish is a bonus, in general:  „the more languages and contact network the applicant speaks, the better “
  • Salary: by agreement
  • Status: Belgium employee or invoicing; up to agreement
  • Starting date: asap (May 2017 or by agreement)

Job description:

  • Representing EOS BXL on meetings with key stakeholders (according to each client assignment and / or EOS BXL office set of developmental priorities);
  • EOS BXL main four dominant sectors of activity are Energy, R&D, Environment and Health, so work experience from these sectors is bonus;
  • Relevant work experience with public funding, i.e. here we mean EU communitarian financial mechanisms as well as EU structural funds;
  • Managing the office and tasking its team of maximum 4 people, who currently consists of one office manager and one junior research analyst. There is a potential to hire another 1 - 2 persons within the next months and start of the interns programme as well;
  • Apart from the Brussels based internal team also the compliance and communication with EOS BXL Central European team, whose consultants are coming regularly to Brussels at least on a monthly basis;
  • Communication with the network of EOS holding external consultants, experts and / or senior advisors;
  • Managing the existing client accounts;
  • Communication with the EOS BXL partners in Brussels such as other consultancies and / or individuals
  • Reporting on a monthly basis or ad hoc basis to leadership of EOS BXL in Slovak Republic;
  • Business Development mainly in public affairs area of services;

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