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22 Jul 2019

Job title:          Senior Consultant

Reporting:            To company’s Partners

Location:              Brussels

Subordinates:       in-house team and outside advisors/providers

Supporting Europa Insights’ key policy priorities and values

Europa Insights prioritizes policies and projects that contribute to a vibrant and entrepreneurial European economy. We retain talents who will help Europa Insights to promote projects, client relationships and outcomes that support a more sustainable and socially responsible environment. Our key policy and regulatory priority focus on Tech, Innovation and the Digital Single Market (DSM). Our policy/regulatory focus includes but is not limited to:

  • Technology innovation, Standards and ecosystems openness,
  • Financing for innovative enterprise and promoting Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • Digital Economy, 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0
  • Cloud Computing, Data Protection and Cyber Security
  • Energy Efficiency and Green Procurement
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Infrastructures
  • Public Health and International Development
  • International Trade

Role and responsibilities for policy, regulatory and community-building engagement

  • Support and develop strategic coalition-building efforts with clients, key stakeholders and EU institutions. Promote and defend our client’s interests with EU institutions.
  • Identify, supervise and develop active communities of stakeholders – including SMEs – in line with specific policy and/or regulatory objectives, such as those supported by , and to interact with EU institutions and inform their policies
  • Analyse, understand and leverage the strategies and positions of our opponents vis-a-vis the EU institutions.
  • Craft impactful policy and communications papers with clients and stakeholders; this includes managing copywriting services, external consultants and advisers, online and offline media.
  • Assist with strategic outreach and meetings with key officials from the EU institutions; and help to secure buy-in from EU Institutions on behalf of our clients and key stakeholders.
  • Help mobilize European political and academic think tanks and third parties.
  • Ensure timeliness and responsiveness in managing client meetings, including developing the agenda and providing background materials as appropriate.

Management and coaching

  • Work with partners to support and coach Europa Insights team, including external consultants (senior consultants, advisers, webmaster, copywriters, etc.) and third-party providers and agencies (media, online communications, senior policy advisors, etc.).
  • Provide project oversight and governance, manage team calendars.
  • Take responsibility for supervising weekly policy and media monitoring reports to clients
  • Supervise event trackers, and client newsletters.
  • Supervise website(s) delivery and updates.
  • Review client timesheets monthly, and review team performance quarterly.
  • Coach and mentor colleagues and new recruits.

Skills and experience

  1. Ability to communicate in at least two European Union languages in addition to English (German, French are advantage)
  2. Competence in European institutions procedures
  3. 5 to 7 years of experience working with EU institutions
  4. Outstanding interpersonal skills
  5. Understanding the policy drivers for the European Union institutions
  6. Ability to interpret technical, complex matter discussion into policy objectives
  7. Strong project and team management skills
  8. Ability to write structured, accurate and impactful documentation
  9. Confident with external constituencies
  10. Flexible and adaptable to multi-cultural environments

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