Senior Analyst (Cybersecurity and data regulation)

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25 Sep 2019

Senior Analyst – Cybersecurity and data regulation

Cullen International is the leading provider of regulatory information in the communications sector, serving over 200 key market players and public organisations internationally.

We are recruiting a talented individual who can track and provide political insight into EU policy and regulatory developments. You should have an existing network of relevant contacts, as well as the confidence to develop new relationships and to promote our services with clients and prospects. You should have previous knowledge of and interest in cybersecurity and regulation affecting the development of new technologies based on data (e.g. IoT, big data, AI).

Your responsibilities will include:

  • closely monitoring and reporting on EU and national political and regulatory developments affecting the data economy
  • providing formal and informal briefings to clients and colleagues
  • being Cullen’s in-house expert on EU affairs and processes
  • promoting Cullen International and marketing its services to clients and prospects
  • answering enquiries from clients in industry and regulatory authorities

In order to apply, you must have:

  • a minimum of five years experience of working in an EU regulatory/public policy role
  • excellent interpersonal skills and the capability to build/develop contact networks
  • confident manner and very strong presentation skills
  • ability to write and speak clearly and to the point about technical and complex issues
  • willingness to travel
  • demonstrable knowledge of and interest in cybersecurity and recent regulatory developments affecting new technologies such as IoT
  • a university degree in a relevant subject
  • fluency in written and spoken English

We are looking for a hardworking, professional person with the ability to work independently.

What we offer you in return:

  • the opportunity to enhance your experience and skills by working in one of the best regulatory teams in the industry
  • an attractive remuneration package and the freedom of flexible working arrangements
  • a rewarding and challenging multi-cultural environment in which to work
  • the chance to increase your knowledge in all areas of regulation shaping the development of the technologies based on data

Please send your letter of application before 20 September 2019 by email to:

Please send us examples of your written work that you have produced in recent months together with your CV.

Cullen International

Clos Lucien Outers 11-21

1180 Brussels


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