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28 Jun 2017

Secretary General

Fondation EurActiv

28 Jun 2017

Fondation EURACTIV is a public service foundation, established in 2004 and based in Belgium, dedicated mostly to promoting Media Innovation .  See more About Fondation [1].

The foundation acts primarily to bring together individuals and stakeholders/media organisations, with the aim of ‘faciliter l’efficacité et la transparence de la Communauté des Acteurs Européens’, a mission shared with the EURACTIV Policy Media Network [2].  

Fondation EURACTIV is seeking a Secretary General, to provide executive and intellectual leadership.

As the Secretary General you will be in charge of driving activities, including media relations, policy and innovation reports, high-level networking events, and fund-raising from grant-making organisations and individuals.

You will apply your knowledge and experience of working with the media and EU institutions, in order to develop strong proposals that attract partners and financial supporters.

The position will be based in Brussels.


  • Lead the Fondation on a day-to-day basis, including monthly Management Meeting, which prepares and implements most Board decisions.
  • Develop 2017 strategy of the Fondation, as a leader in EU affairs training in consultation with the organs representing, inter alia, media partners from around Europe and key stakeholders.
  • Actively search for and develop new funding opportunities to finance the projects of the Fondation.
  • Report to the Fondation Board which has a mix of executive and non-executive directors.
  • Work closely with Christophe Leclercq, the Founder of both Fondation EurActiv and PLC. As part of the management upgrade of the media company [3], he is “Ambassador”. Current Interim Secretary General Julian Oliver is there to provide guidance.
  • Goals for 2017 include following-up on #Media4EU [4] with a “Tour d’Europe” of the Founder, interviewing and addressing top media and journalism schools.
  • Support further training for journalists e.g. Stars4Media also known as #Erasmus4Media project  [5].

Profile :

  • Experience of media, e.g. as a journalist, or, at least, of media relations
  • Good knowledge of the media sector, including media economics and business models: media training experience almost a pre-requisite
  • Strong understanding of EU policy-making process and stakeholders, and structured approach to advocacy
  • At least 10 years of relevant experience, possibly a lot more
  • Hands-on approach, entrepreneurial, team-player, proven people manager
  • Outgoing personality and excellent networker, willing to attend or address networking events, occasionally outside office hours
  • Tech-savvy (internet, mobile, social media)
  • Interested in working as an independent contractor with incentives on results, 4 to 4.5 days/week (suitable, for example, for parent of young children or professional with side activities)
  • Excellent English and French, ideally also German
  • Brussels-based, excellent references in positions of trust

Contact: Minna-Marie Rosti, HR Manager, on 02 226 5822 directly and/or send CV and motivation letter to [6]. Deadline for applications asap; starting date July 2017.

Contact: For further enquiries please contact Christophe Leclercq on [7] or 02 226 5813.

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