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22 Jun 2018

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Scientific Policy Officer (SPO)

Euro-CASE is seeking a full-time Scientific Policy Officer (SPO) for the EU-funded project SAPEA (Science Advice for Policy by European Academies). This project is related to the Scientific Advise Mechanism (SAM) launched by the European Commission.

Starting date: Expected to be 1 October 2018.
Duration: 2 years

Contract, salary and location: The SPO will be employed by Euro-CASE, under a French labour contract and based in the Euro-CASE secretariat in Paris. The maximum gross salary for the retained candidate will be in the range of EUR 45 to 50 000 per year, function of his/her experience.

Travel within the EU is expected.

About Euro-CASE

Euro-CASE, the European Council of Academies of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering, is an independent non-profit organisation of national academies of Engineering, Applied Sciences and Technology from 23 European countries. Euro-CASE acts as a permanent forum for exchange and consultation between European institutions, industry and research. Through its member academies, Euro-CASE has access to top-level expertise (around 6,000 elected by their peers Fellows) and provides impartial, independent and balanced advice on technological issues, with a clear European dimension, to European institutions, national governments, companies and organisations. Euro-CASE is a French association and its Secretariat is based in Paris (

About the SAPEA project:

The EU-funded project SAPEA is centred on a consortium of the five European Academy Networks - Academia Europaea, ALLEA, EASAC, Euro-CASE and FEAM. Its core objectives are twofold. Firstly, they are aimed to provide independent, science-based policy advice to the European Commission (EC) and to the wider public, in the context of the Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) of the EC. Secondly, they are supposed to strengthen cooperation and foster synergies between the Academy Networks and their 100 member academies, as well as making the existing structures more sustainable. Through these networks, the SAPEA project has access to thousands of Academy Fellows from the social, human, natural, engineering and medical sciences across Europe. They provide their knowledge and expertise on a voluntary, pro-bono basis.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

The successful applicant will be one of the 5 SPOs, each of whom will work for one of the respective Academy Networks. He/she will work in close cooperation with the Senior Scientific Policy Officer, who will act as a chair of the team of SPOs. However, the Euro-CASE SPO will be accountable to the Euro-CASE Executive Committee and in particular managed by its Secretary General.

The retained candidate will act as the organisational lead (or co-lead), on behalf of the Consortium, for provisions of evidence-based policy advice on specific topics, whenever Euro-CASE will lead them, or when Euro-CASE will be involved. The SPO will undertake all activities to organise and manage the process and will maintain effective working relationships across and between the Networks. Such tasks will include, among others:

  • Preparing draft project outlines for scientific topics, including work and budget plans and proposals for the final outputs (e.g. statement, report, study),
  • Organising meetings of working groups of Academy Fellows and external experts,
  • Organising a consultation process with Academies and Fellows to generate topics for investigation (via a ‘bottom-up’ process), especially within the Euro-CASE Academies,
  • Occasionally, acting as a scientific writer for statements or reports,
  • Working in cooperation with the SAM Unit/High-Level Group and other representatives of the European Commission regarding scientific topics and timelines,
  • Maintaining ties and organising meetings regarding topic-driven activities with various representatives of the EC, other European bodies such as the European Parliament and selected stakeholders,
  • Undertaking research, debate and horizon-scanning activities, possibly conducting structured expert interviews,
  • Subcontracting, briefing and cooperating with third parties, commissioning fact-finding exercises (by subcontract) and translations of reports,
  • Collecting suggestions for and contributing to the peer review process of scientific publications,
  • Reporting activities and contributing to the technical and financial reports of the SAPEA project,
  • Organising public events and supporting dissemination activities of the Communications Office of SAPEA,
  • Helping to build, maintain and exploit internal databases of experts and a public database of reports,
  • Supporting the Euro-CASE Secretariat in organisational and administrative matters with respect to the project.

Profile, skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications:

  • Experience in the field of science-based policy advice,
  • Good level of knowledge of the science-policy interface at the European level,
  • Excellent organisational and management skills for science, innovation and technology projects
  • Excellent oral and written proficiency in English,
  • Clear and confident communication skills, with the ability to communicate complex scientific issues to various target audiences,
  • Quality interpersonal skills, with experience of building and maintaining strong working relationships, with a range of internal and external stakeholders across Europe,
  • Acquaintance with a network of stakeholders at the science-policy interface, as well as previous experience of working in an EU-funded project, is an asset.
  • A minimum of a Master’s Degree is required; a PhD in any field covered by Euro-CASE is an asset.

The overall expected impact of the SPO position is to contribute in improving the quality of EU policy making and create effective links between individual academies and the European Academies Networks. Interested candidates in applying for this position, must send their CV and a motivation letter to the Euro-CASE Secretariat by July 6 2018 (pdf-documents should not be larger than 2 MB):

Candidates will be informed by the Selection Committee of its verdict by beginning of September and the interviews for retained candidates will take place in Paris in September. Reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed. Euro-CASE and SAPEA encourage suitably-qualified female candidates to apply.For further information you may refer to this document  (Horizon 2020 call, page 122 onwards) 

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