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24 Oct 2019

Position title: Regional Policy Director

Starting date: January 2020

Deadline for application: 25 October 2019 (12.00 pm). Kindly send your application to

Position status: Permanent contract

Reporting arrangements: This position reports to the CPMR Executive Director (Policy, Communications, Membership, Think Tank)

I.Job Summary

The Regional Policy Director will lead the activities of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions on Cohesion Policy.

II. Main duties and responsibilities

  • Coordinate and lead the reflection of the CPMR on Cohesion Policy, involving managing the CPMR Core Group on Cohesion Policy
  • Liaise with CPMR Member Regions to seek their views on specific issues in relation to Cohesion Policy and to work with each of the six CPMR Geographical Commissions
  • Represent the CPMR towards the EU institutions and networks, and animate brainstorming sessions with external experts
  • Monitor developments related to Cohesion Policy (including Territorial Cooperation and the European Social Fund) through contacts in the EU institutions, national, regional and other relevant actors (think tanks, academia, etc…)
  • Draft technical notes outlining key issues at stake for CPMR Member Regions and providing recommendations for the future
  • Draft policy positions for approval by CPMR Members at statutory meetings of the CPMR
  • Prepare speeches, speaking notes and briefing notes for the attention of the CPMR President, the CPMR Vice-President responsible for Cohesion Policy and any other CPMR elected Member representing the CPMR
  • Liaise directly with CPMR Member Regions and with the CPMR Geographical Commissions
  • Organise high level conferences and seminars on the Cohesion Policy in line with the European agenda
  • Actively support the organisation of CPMR Statutory Meetings and take the lead for Cohesion Policy related activities
  • To undertake research with CPMR Member Regions on technical issues related to Cohesion Policy issues as well as territorial cohesion.
  • Contribute to the communications strategy of the CPMR
  1. Personal specifications
  1. Coordination
  • Proven ability to instigate change and to introduce innovative approaches
  • Able to challenge appropriately and effectively, and influence decisions
  1. Strategic Thinking and Negotiating
  • Knowledge and understanding of issues affecting regions
  • Understanding of politics and framework in which regional work takes place
  • Ability to identify and analyse complex matters
  • Capacity to elaborate comprehensive solutions with an strategic and forward-thinking approach
  1. Communication
  • Able to communicate complex issues to a high-level audience in a relevant and concise manner, both orally and in writing
  • Able to network effectively in a European context
  • A high level of proficiency in English (spoken & written) is essential.  A good command of French is required. Knowledge of other EU languages is an asset.
  • Good public presentation skills
  1. Staff Management
  • Able to manage and coordinate teamwork and delegate tasks in an appropriate and effective manner
  1. Interpersonal Skills
  • Able to initiate, develop and maintain effective working relationships with people at all levels in organisations
  • Able to influence and lead others, particularly at strategic decision-making level
  • Able to listen and take on board the views of others
  • Able to embed the customer approach in daily work
  1. Problem Solving and Innovation
  • Thinks laterally and creatively in devising approaches and solutions to complex and sensitive issues
  • Makes balanced decisions where conflicting interests are at stake
  • Identifies problems/issues, seeks pertinent information, evaluates data and develops appropriate solutions
  1. Planning and Organising
  • Prioritises and sets realistic individual targets
  • Handles competing deadlines and demands for high-level professional advice
  1. Work experience

Essential Desirable

  • 7 years’ experience of EU affairs and working with EU actors
  • Experience of Cohesion Policy
  • Experience of regional government
  • Experience of working in multicultural environments
  • Experience of building and maintaining effective partnerships between organisations
  • 10 years experience of EU affairs and working with EU actors
  • Experience of working with regional governments
  • Experience in working for organisations with multiple offices in Europe

Knowledge Essential Desirable

  • In depth understanding of EU affairs and Brussels as a work environment
  • Good knowledge of the strategic areas of interest to CPMR
  • Good understanding of the lobbying process at EU, national, regional and local level
  • Computer literate and able to use IT for CPMR deliverables
  • Experience of working with different levels of EU government and administration




  • Degree in a relevant field of EU public affairs (economics, political sciences)
  • Post-graduate degree in a relevant field of EU public affairs and/or related to Cohesion Policy

Personal Characteristics



  • Diplomatic, discreet and reliable
  • Natural leader, dynamic and able to originate action and trigger change
  • Enthusiastic and outgoing personality
  • Strategic and forward-thinker
  • Strong analytic, writing and problem-solving skills
  • Sound judgement in dealing with complex issues
  • Independent – able to be self reliant
  • Personal integrity
  • An interest in the development of regional and local government

V. Location

The position is based in Brussels. Occasional travel within Europe will be required.

VI. Terms of recruitment

The position is offered as a permanent contract under Belgian law. Interviews are likely to take place mid-November in Brussels.

VII. How to apply

Please send your CV and a brief covering letter to with the subject: “Application Director (Regional Policy)”.

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