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13 Dec 2019

Location: BiodivERsA Secretariat, Paris (France)

Application deadline: December 13th, 2019


BiodivERsA is a Partnership of 39 agencies and ministries from 25 European countries programming and funding pan-European research on biodiversity and ecosystem services on a competitive basis. BiodivERsA has been supported by the European Commission since 2005 through ERA-net tools. In 2018, it has become a Partnership launching joint activities with or without support from the European Commission.

BiodivERsA is experienced in the process of catalyzing the generation of new knowledge in response to identified knowledge gaps and policy needs and was selected by IPBES in 2019 to host the ‘Knowledge’ functions of its TSU on Knowledge and Data, in FRB offices in Paris, France. The TSU supports the Task Force on Knowledge and Data in implementing its objectives (i.e. support for knowledge gaps identification and catalyzing the generation of new knowledge) and related work plan. The other part of the TSU (Data functions) is hosted by Senckendberg (Frankfurt, Germany).

Main role and duties

Under the direct supervision of the TSU Lead on Knowledge and in close collaboration with the IPBES Task Force on Knowledge and Data, the IPBES main Secretariat (Bonn, Germany) and the TSU on Data (Frankfurt, Germany), the Programme Officer will:

  • Develop materials to propose and present processes at expert meetings to catalyze new knowledge generation based on gaps identified in IPBES assessments;
  • Follow and contribute to the implementation of processes to identify knowledge gaps and needs in IPBES assessments, in collaboration with other TSUs and working with the scientific experts writing these assessments;
  • Identify key stakeholders (in particular international research programmers and funders on biodiversity) and initiate contacts around proposed activities for the uptake of knowledge needs identified in IPBES assessments;
  • Plan and implement on-line and physical workshops with IPBES scientific experts and relevant international stakeholders programming and funding research on biodiversity globally and regionally;
  • Develop and implement a monitoring plan identifying impacts of IPBES’s work on knowledge generation, and provide inputs for IPBES communications.
  • Engage in the TSU’s administrative and financial management and support the fulfillment of formal narrative and financial reporting requirements

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