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Desired profile. Engineer (Chemical, Industrial or Environmental) or Bachelor of Environmental Sciences is required to do a doctoral thesis. To this end, it is necessary to have a Master's Degree or a degree with 300 ECTS credits. A candidate with a post-university experience of at least 3 years is desired.

Specific requirements.

For a chemical or industrial engineer, a Master in environment will be specially valued. For an environmental engineer or a graduate in environmental sciences, a master's degree in chemical or industrial processes will be valued. Especially, experience in the packaging sector will be valued. A good knowledge of English and modelling skills is essential.

Immediate availability.

Main project.

The contract is linked to a non-competitive project, financed by the BALL company, and related to the development and application of the Life Cycle Analysis methodology to Packaging Waste Management. Specifically, we will seek, among others, the determinants that reinforce or weaken the hierarchy of waste management (prevention (in the generation of waste), preparation for reuse, recycling, other types of recovery (including energy) and, finally, the elimination of waste).

Ball Corporation is a provider of metal packaging for beverages, foods and household products, and of aerospace and other technologies and services to commercial and governmental customers. Founded in 1880, the company employs 18,300 people worldwide. Ball Corporation stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol BLL.

Conditions of the contract.

It is possible (if the candidate's suitability justifies it) the consideration of the incorporation of personnel already PhD graduated. The contract will last one year and renewed annually, based on the progress made, its extension can encompass up to three years.

Salary: 32,000 euros cost company; approximately 24,000 euros gross / year

Registration: in charge of the project (500-1,000 euros / year)

Specialized hardware and software: in charge of the project (approx 1.000 euros)

Attendance to conferences: 3,000 euros in charge of the project

Stays in other institutions: to be defined and negotiated with the financing company


The research will take place mainly at the UNESCO Chair of the Life Cycle and Climate Change of the School of International Studies (ESCI-UPF) (, of the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), in Barcelona, under the direction of Dr. Pere Fullana i Palmer.

Activities and capacities of the PhD student.

The life cycle analysis and the carbon footprint are methodologies, based on material and energy balances and their conversion to environmental indicators, which are applied to a multitude of systems (products, services, organizations, cities ...). The PhD student must develop the methodology to apply them to "packaging waste management". For this, he must be able to work transversally in different sectors of the production and consumption chain, abstracting them to programmable mathematical models.

As a complement to the study of packaging, the student will participate in different environmental projects and participate in the public debate[1]. In addition to the multisectorial aspect and environmental analysis, the student must acquire and apply knowledge on packaging technology and waste management, and, if possible, social and economic analysis, which allow a holistic quantitative assessment of sustainability.

It is intended that, once the PhD is completed, the student has acquired sufficient research skills for subsequent academic accreditation. For this, he/she will participate in all the tasks of the research group. In this sense, he/she will be able to organize a research project, prepare a scientific proposal, present results in congresses and write scientific articles in top-level international journals. He/she must demonstrate an important efficiency in the work, which will entail the writing of a minimum of six articles in the pre-doctoral period and an annual international congress, which will bring him/her closer to the academic accreditation.

At the end of the first year, he / she will write and defend an exhaustive doctoral thesis proposal document and, at the end of the third year, the final doctoral thesis document. He/she will participate in the relevant meetings of the research group and the department, and in the management tasks of the research group.

Those interested can send their CV, bachelor and master’s grades, professional experience, and a cover letter to

[1] He/she will work in close collaboration with four other PhD students working on the application of the LCA to plastic compounds for packaging; in the evaluation of diets through LCA methodology; in the evaluation and improvement of menus in aircraft cabins, and the management of their waste.


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