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24 Jul 2019

Border Violence Monitoring offers a half-time position in the field of advocacy for people on the move in the Balkan region, mostly focused on the situation regarding illegal push-backs, police violence and criminalization of solidarity.


BVM originated in 2016 when grassroot groups involved in humanitarian assistance in the region first became aware of the more and more systematic practice of violent push-backs at the EU external borders and began to document such cases. As grassroot initiatives usually have a big amount of knowledge about the illegal practices of European border guards but not necessarily the capacities to work on a consistent and profound documentation, BVM was initiated to collect and distribute this knowledge. From the beginning, we worked towards building a strong network committed to an exhaustive documentation of these human rights abuses happening at the doorstep of the European Union. In cooperation with our partners in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Greece we have developed a common framework for the recording of testimonials and supporting evidence which we publish on a website (www.borderviolence.eu). The database contains 506 case reports by now and serves as a basis of facts for advocacy work undertaken by us and others.

BVM understands itself as a network, whereby it originated from a working group of Rigardu e.V. and still uses the infrastructure of this association. Therefore Rigardu e.V., which is based in Germany, will be the official employer for the position offered. We are a young organisation and do not have any permanent employees yet, instead we currently all work on a voluntary basis.


  • contribute to the work of politicians, committees and commissions by providing information about the situation of people on the move in the Western Balkans, especially regarding human rights violations. Thus leading to politicians being able to include background information in the EU-discourses
  • influence legislative processes: monitor corresponding legislative proposals on the topic of migration and border security and elaborate proposals for modification that MEPs can submit
  • building a strong and concertedly acting network of organisations engaged in advocating the protection of fundamental rights of people on the move towards EU
  • develop a common strategy for this issue together with the mentioned network
  • ensure the continued presence of the issue of human rights violations at the EU's external borders in public news coverage (in different European languages)
  • explore ways in which our work and the provision of evidence can support (not lead) a process before the ECtHR and find competent partners for this endeavour
  • work towards an official EU investigation into the allegations against its member states
  • raise awareness for interrelations and responsibilities of European border policies

In concrete terms, these goals are to be achieved through regular work meetings with politicians, parliamentarians, political advisors and other actors, as well as NGO representatives. The tasks also include to follow up relevant discussions and legislative processes on EU level. It is also desirable to organize events with EU representatives and NGOs in order to connect EU officials, decision makers and reputable NGOs / civil initiatives in the field whenever possible. New actors that might be worth to cooperate with have to be identified regularly and initially contacted.

It is important to maintain a constant exchange of information and cooperation with the rest of the BVM team and the BVM field coordinator.


  • mobile office, regular presence in Brussels/Strasbourg expected
  • starting on September 1st, initially for a period of 6 months (can be extended)
  • 1.245 Euro salary per month
  • travel expenses will be covered
  • 20 working hours per week


  • a person with strong social skills, proactive and eloquent
  • experienced in working with NGOs and/or in political interest representation
  • familiarity with the situation in the Balkan region, preferably field experience (as a volunteer, journalist or in other relevant roles)
  • familiarity with EU institutions and the details of human rights and European law on asylum and migration
  • high proficiency in English, at best other European languages
  • preconditions for a German working contract (e.g. EU citizen)
  • high degree of independence, good communication skills, organisational skills & structured working methods


If interested, please submit your documents (letter of motivation and CV) via e-mail at jobs@borderviolence.eu by July 24th. If successful, you will be contacted at the beginning of August for the second selection process through an interview (skype is possible). Final decision will be announced by mid-August.

For more information visit www.borderviolence.eu/vacancies .

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