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24 Jul 2022
Policy Reporter in Berlin
Do you want to help a German audience make sense of the EU’s economy, labour and transport policies, and help the EU bubble understand German policy developments in these fields? Then you should consider becoming our policy reporter. Based in the Haus der Bundespressekonferenz in Berlin, and regularly travelling to Brussels, you will dive deep into the European and German policy bubbles and produce relevant articles for our European audience.
EURACTIV is the leading EU policy media present in 13 European countries. It publishes EU news free of charge and facilitates debates for EU policy professionals in 13 languages. With 2.3 million page views and 783.986 unique visitors per month, EURACTIV is at the forefront of online media covering EU affairs. The group gathers approximately 100 people around Brussels and its network of national affiliates. It has four main sources of income: sponsorship, communication package memberships, advertising and public contracts.
We are looking for a policy reporter with a keen interest in economy-, labour-, and transport-related policy areas in the EU as well as in Germany.
What you will do:
  • Write news stories, interviews, as well as background articles, both for a general and for a specialised audience
  • Write in-depth policy briefings and special reports to deadline
  • Conduct interviews with high-level officials, including German and EU politicians, business leaders, workers, activists, and academics
  • Develop contacts and sources in the relevant policy fields
  • Pitch ideas for articles
  • Contribute to EURACTIV’s editorial mission
What you will bring to the table:
  • Writing skills in both German and English
  • Knowledge of German and EU politics
  • Demonstrable interest in economy-, labour-, and/or transport-related issues
  • Motivation to help establish EURACTIV in the German policy debate
What we might also be interested in:
Do you know other languages? Do you have previous experience in politics, policy analysis, or journalism? Do you like moderating events? Do you have experience in multi-media formats? Another skill or experience that we should know of? Tell us in your CV and cover letter!
Please send your CV and short cover letter to selection@euractiv.com using the following subject line: PolicyReporter_Economy_Transport_Firstname_Lastname

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