Policy Analyst (Intern)

Job Experience

Job Location

Expiration Date

11 Jun 2019

About Equilibre des Energies (EdEn):

Created in 2011 as a non-profit organisation with its headquarters based in Paris, EdEn (Equilibre des Energies) is a transversal platform regrouping stakeholders from the energy, construction and mobility sectors with one common goal: to make a better energy society in a decarbonised world. EdEn contributes to the development of a strong, competitive, sustainable, climate and cost responsible European energy union. In the perspective of the 2019-2024 legislative cycle, EdEn brings scientific knowledge and recommendations to policy- makers on the realities of climate change, energy transition and how to concretely give shape to European and international commitments. More information here: https://www.equilibredesenergies.org/

Type of contract: paid internship (an internship convention provided by your university is mandatory)

Duration: 6 months

Start date: as soon as possible

Location: Paris (75008)

Your profile: Master’s level, preferably in political sciences, law or journalism

Language: French (Native level is required), English is a plus

Your main missions:

  • Monitoring policy developments and activities in France and at the EU level on topics related to energy, transport and construction;
  • Supporting our team with the organisation of events, workshops and meetings with stakeholders and policy officials;
  • Writing briefing notes, articles and minutes of meetings;
  • Conducting background research into energy and climate related topics;
  • Helping our team maintain its database of institutional contacts.

Your skills:

  • Excellent drafting skills;
  • Excellent oral communication and social skills;
  • Pro-active attitude and autonomy;
  • Interest in energy and climate related topics;
  • Previous experience is a plus.

How to apply:

Please send your CV and cover letter to info@equilibredesenergies.org

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