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21 Jan 2018


Coalition PLUS is an international union of community-based AIDS and viral hepatitis NGOs founded in 2008. Coalition PLUS is active in nearly 40 countries and collaborates with about one hundred civil society organizations. Coalition PLUS involves 15 member organizations, from the North and the South, in strategic decision-making through a principle of shared governance. As part of the community approach, Coalition PLUS advocates for people who are infected, affected or particularly vulnerable to HIV and HCV to be systematically involved in the decision-making, implementation and evaluation of their health programs. Through the various programs of its Secretariat and its 6 subregional platforms of interventions, its objective is to strengthen the capacities of community organisations, while organizing privileged spaces for sharing knowledge and expertise.

In 2015, CPLUS was given a grant by Unitaid to work on HIV/HCV advocacy campaigns in a range of middle-income countries. Over the past two years CPLUS has developed partnerships with local civil society organizations in Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Colombia, and Brazil. Local partners have taken the lead in the design and implementation of the campaigns. The overall target of the campaigns is to increase access to treatment.

Overall objective and purpose of the assignment

The overall objective of the assignment is the establishment of an operational monitoring and evaluation system for the Coalition PLUS hepatitis C advocacy project. The purpose is to provide the project team with tools to effectively monitor project progress and achievement, and to provide mid-term and end-of-project evaluations with sufficient information to assess the project’s success.

Specific objectives

The objectives of this contract are:

  1. To design a set of relevant, simple and straightforward tools to monitor and evaluate the project implementation and results
  2. To design a survey to evaluate awareness activities conducted in project countries
  3. To train the project team on how to optimally use the tools.
  4. To identify possible strategies for project’s improvement

Requested services

The consultancy aims at developing a stronger M&E system for the project. The Consultant will assist the Project team in reviewing M&E needs and establishing necessary practical procedures and measures in order to operationalize M&E (data collection and processing).

The consultant is expected to design a practical M&E system with regard to the following key aspects:

  1. What needs to be measured?
  2. How should it be measured? What are the trade-offs?
  3. What is the most appropriate source of information that needs to be collected?
  4. How to collect the information and how often?
  5. How to efficiently store and exploit data?

The Consultant is expected to:

  1. Study the relevant project documents
  2. Design data collection and reporting forms for use by [country partners] to capture quantitative and qualitative information.
  3. Based on the relevant indicators help design surveys for awareness activities
  4. Design simple ways and means to store such information and the pathways for dissemination of that information.
  5. Train the project team to the sue of tools provided.

Expected outputs

A) A document that sets out project M&E needs

B) Awareness survey design

C) A document setting out the M&E system

D) Improved M&E skills within the HCV team.

Expected timeline

  • Remote study of project’s documents
  • One week training and tools development with project team in Paris (January 2018)
  • 3 days mid-project follow up and adaptation of tools (June 2018)
  • 3 days final follow up (December 2018)

Technical Competencies and Experience Requirements

Minimum requirements:

  • A minimum of ten years’ experience of working in international development
  • At least ten year experience in monitoring and evaluation, particularly in the context of advocacy projects
  • Knowledge of and experienced in project cycle management and well versed in logical frameworks.
  • Previous experience with M&E for international donors funded projects.
  • Fluent in French, working proficiency of English.

Desired skills and experience:

  • Previous experience in working on Unitaid funded project is an advantage
  • Experience in public health is an advantage.
How to apply:

Send a CV and a proposal including methodology and budget to

Only application including all the documents required will be reviewed.


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