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07 Mar 2018

Job Title - Grade: Logistics Support Assistant

Directorate - Section: Division of Administration and Personnel

Reports to: Head of External Relations  and the Fund Supervisors

Responsible for: Logistical support for implementation of CCF funded projects[1]


The WCO is an independent intergovernmental body whose mission is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of Customs services across the globe.  It has extensive experience in the provision of training and technical assistance and, in recent years, has developed a comprehensive capacity building agenda to support Members in their modernization efforts.  WCO Members are responsible for the processing of over 98 % of global trade.  The WCO has played a leading role in supporting reform and modernization agendas in Customs administrations throughout the world.  It currently manages more than 400 missions per annum, and is entering into comprehensive development partnerships with a growing number of Members.

Overall Objective: To coordinate, promote and document the delivery of the WCO’s CCF projects, through effective logistical, procurement, briefing and communications support.

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for ensuring that appropriate and cost-effective logistics arrangements are in place and are used to support the implementation of CCF projects;
  2. Responsible for supporting WCO technical experts in the delivery of CCF projects;
  3. Responsible for the consolidation of country- and regional-level logistical intelligence to support capacity building activities and all CCF projects.

Main Tasks:

R1: Responsible for ensuring that appropriate and cost-effective logistics arrangements are in place and are used to support specific capacity building activities

  • Manage procurement-related logistics for the implementation of CCF projects (e.g., conference facilities and related equipment) in accordance with
  • the WCO Financial Rules;
  • Ensure that travel, facilities and accommodation for CCF projects are arranged using WCO systems, procedures and workflows;
  • Ensure that the relevant contracts and purchase orders are in place to support CCF project implementation.

R2: Responsible for supporting WCO technical experts in the delivery of CCF projects

  • Ensure effective communication and follow-up with technical experts regarding travel policies and procedures;
  • Ensure that technical experts benefit from general pre-departure briefing packages, outlining basic cultural norms, safety, security, governance, history of WCO engagement;
  • Coordinate communications between technical experts and beneficiaries on logistical matters.

R3: Responsible for the consolidation of country- and regional-level logistical intelligence to support capacity building activities and all CCF projects

  • Ensure that cost-effective and time-saving logistical solutions are identified on an ongoing basis, and are documented;
  • Ensure that databases concerning in-country resources (i.e., interpreters, hotels, conference facilities, transportation, etc.) are maintained.


Title of Competency/ Proficiency Level

  • Basic accounting knowledge: 2
  • Financial management: 2
  • Financial reporting and budgeting: 2
  • Procurement and contract management: 4
  • Project management, analytical thinking and records management: 2
  • IT knowledge: MS Office, experience of using accounting software will be beneficial: 2
  • Business Process and Organization Management, and basic knowledge of training/guiding staff in Fund Management logistics: 4
  • Report writing: 2
  • Teamwork and time management: 4
  • Language - English: 3
  • Language - French: 3
  • Other Languages (Arabic, Portuguese, Russian and/or Spanish): 2

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Senior administrative professional or junior project management professional, with at least 3 years’ experience of coordinating complex multi-stakeholder programmes, preferably in an international context;
  • Bachelor-level qualification, or related experience equivalent to an undergraduate degree;
  • Experience of maintaining a network of contacts, particularly within a Customs or international government co-operation context;
  • Experience of organizing events;
  • Experience of working in an international/cross-cultural context;
  • Ability to follow instructions and, when necessary, work independently with minimal supervision;
  • Good knowledge of English and French.  Other languages (Arabic,  Portuguese,  Russian and/or Spanish) would be an advantage

Work Environment: MS ERP: Navision 2016 Key Suite, MS Office; some flexibility where working hours are concerned, mainly office work
Salary: 2.879.26 EUR/month (cost of insurance(s) will be deducted from the salary)
Contract Duration: March 2018-June 2019 with possibility for extension (subject to availability of funding).
Probation Period: 6 months

Deadline for applying: 7 March 2018 (only shortlisted candidates will be contacted)

Starting Date: March 2018

E-mail: Logistics.Support@wcoomd.org

[1]    CCF (Customs Co-operation Fund) aims to support capacity building/technical assistance projects executed by the WCO.


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