Junior Technical Expert Trade Facilitation

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07 Feb 2020


Support the CEFTA Secretariat and the Senior Technical Expert to ensure coordination between each area under the trade facilitation related to TBT/NTBs, SPS, and Customs and ensuring the smooth functioning of all the relevant CEFTA Committees, Subcommittees and Working Groups with an aim to have all the necessary technical preparations for adopting Ministerial decisions by the Joint Committee.

Specific tasks include:

1. Support the implementation provisions related to trade in goods under CEFTA.

2. Support the implementation of AP 5 and other related agreements.

3. Support the MAP REA activities related to trade facilitation; the CEFTA Committees and Subcommittees and Working Groups thereof under the overall objective of trade facilitation.

4. Support the negotiations on mutual recognition programs under the AP 5.

5. Assist the exchange of information between Subcommittees and local authorities/line Ministries in each CEFTA Party to undertake the required followup actions regarding trade facilitation.

6. Prepare draft decisions, background materials, non-papers, discussion papers, annotated agendas, draft minutes, reports and follow ups of all meetings for approval by the respective Chair and subsequently by the Joint Committee or respective body in the field of trade facilitation.

7. Assist the Senior Technical Expert in the coordination and monitoring of the implementation of regional trade facilitation technical assistance projects on behalf of the CEFTA Secretariat.

8. Support donor actions in the field of trade facilitation to the CEFTA Region in accordance with trade facilitation objectives of CEFTA.

9. Assist the Senior Technical Expert in establishing new and keep the existing networks alive and functioning with the European Commission, EU Member States, EFTA and international organisations such as UNCTAD, ITC, WTO, WCO, OECD, World bank and GIZ.

10. And other tasks assigned by the management.

More: http://cefta.int/ads/junior-technical-expert-trade-facilitation-brussels-belgium/

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