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22 Nov 2019
Position: Intern Analyst
Duration of appointment: From 3 to 6 months
Location: Malta
Application deadline: 15 November
Starting date: 1 December
Sentinel Atlas, formerly SMS Security Consultancy Ltd., is a private security & safety provider and consulting company, operating mainly in North Africa and soon expanding its activities in the Sahel and the Middle-East. Sentinel Atlas’ headquarters is based in Malta and manned by international teams carrying out back-office & consulting activities.
Through its partnerships and comprehensive network built up over the years, Sentinel Atlas can operate throughout North Africa, the Sahel and the Middle-East to provide a large scope of security and safety services through tailored proposals to meet its clients’ respective profiles and needs.
The intern analyst will be part of our Country Watch team and participate in the daily activity of the service based from our headquarter in Malta. The intern analyst will be involved in the real-time monitoring of security events in our countries of operation, which is a tremendous opportunity to enhance one’s knowledge about the security situation in North Africa.
Press, Media, Internet, and other sources of information review:
  • Review directly all available social and official media channels in order to obtain required information;
  • Coordination and cross-checking of information;
  • Open-sources research in order to increase information collection capacity.
  • Creating required alerts based on obtained information;
  • Participation in the creation of periodical reports, analysis, graphic charts and maps based on obtained information.
Data Management:
  • Categorizing and archiving required information accordingly to obtained formats and data management tools;
  • Mapping of required information accordingly to obtained formats and mapping tools;
  • Statistical analysis of collected information.
  • You hold a degree in security or any related topic (e.g., international relations) with a focus on security issues, especially on the MENA region;
  • You have a proficient mastery of English. Proficiency in French and/or Modern Standard Arabic is an asset, but is not mandatory.
Experience & Background
  • You have a very strong sense of commitment, you are proactive, willing to challenge yourself you are used to working in a team;
  • Knowledge of North African countries is an asset;
  • You are computer-literate and have a good knowledge of MS Office pack (especially Excel) and Publisher. Other IT skills are considered assets;
  • You are recognized for your organizational skills and are used to follow at the same time multiple projects even while being under pressure;
  • A first professional experience in a high-paced environment, possibly related to security and/ or risk management is an asset but is not mandatory.
  • 3 to 6-month contract;
  • Internship agreement with any university is mandatory;
  • No remuneration shall be provided to the intern except for the below-listed benefits:
  • Accommodation is provided by Sentinel Atlas (private room in an apartment of 3 people);
  • Round-trip flight ticket to Malta for the assignment period is provided by Sentinel Atlas.
December 1st
Send e-mail with the subject "Intern analyst application", including a cover letter and CV at: countrywatch@sentinel-international.co


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