IT Technician of the Systems and Networking Group

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31 Oct 2020


The European University Institute (EUI), based in Florence, Italy

is organising a selection procedure based on qualifications and tests

to draw up a reserve list for the post of

IT Technician of the Systems and Networking Group

(Temporary Agent, type 2a, AST04[1])

in the Information and Communication Technology Service (ICT)

Who We Are  

The European University Institute (EUI) at a glance:

  • an international organisation set up in 1972;
  • a research university focusing exclusively on doctoral and post-doctoral studies, and advanced research;
  • located in the hills overlooking the city of Florence, Italy.

The Institute also hosts the Historical Archives of the European Union.

More on our Institution:

Our Unit

 The ICT Service provides the technical infrastructure to facilitate all data and voice communications over a secure and robust network that links all academic and administrative staff and enables collaboration with external agencies, universities, research institutes, the European Commission, and other international bodies.

The Systems and Networking Group (SNG) is team within the ICT Service and is responsible for the management, support and implementation of Institute-wide ICT hardware and software infrastructure that relies on a resilient high-speed network, VMWare Virtual Infrastructure, Storage Area Network and MS Active Directory domain services. Both academic and administrative IT solutions are supported.

Your Key Responsibilities

The EUI is looking for an IT professional with excellent expertise, strong team spirit and high innovation potential. The selected candidate will be part of the Systems and Networking Group (SNG), the key unit for the ICT infrastructure of the EUI.

Level of Expertise:

  • Acting as IT technical specialist on Linux servers (RHEL6 and above) and Linux based services (Web applications, DNS, High Processing Computing);
  • Acting as IT backup regarding MS Office 365 administration;
  • Acting as IT backup regarding network infrastructure service administration;
  • Acting as IT backup regarding virtual environment infrastructure administration (VMWare);

Policy/ Strategy Making:

  • Actively developing the strategy for EUI’s Linux infrastructure;
  • Contributing to policy documents for ICT services;
  • Performing reporting activities;


  • Representing the ICT Service inside and outside the EUI;
  • Liaising with internal and external collaborators and stakeholders;
  • Assisting in the negotiations with external stakeholders.

Level of autonomy and accountability:

  • Key role within the Systems and Networking Group;
  • Working independently within the field of expertise;
  • Reporting to the team coordinator;
  • Responsible for external collaborators.

Role in administrative processes:

  • Managing Linux servers (SysAdmin on Red Hat Enterprise Linux);
  • Provisioning of internal web/application server infrastructure based on Linux (RHEL6 and above) including duties for second level support, troubleshooting and daily deployment;
  • Ensuring the availability of HPC services and providing second level support;
  • Ensuring the availability of database services (Oracle12 and MS SQL Server) and their infrastructure including duties for second level support, troubleshooting and daily deployment;
  • Contributing to the administration of EUI e-mail services (MS Office 365) including duties as backup for second level support, troubleshooting and daily deployment;
  • Contributing to the administration of EUI virtual machines infrastructure;
  • Contributing to the administration of networking infrastructure;
  • Transferring own knowledge to non-specialists.

Budget management:

  • Contributing by providing budget estimates and insights concerning computing-related expenses.

Finance and procurement:

  • Drafting contracts;
  • Preparing purchase requests;
  • Approving bon a payers;
  • Drafting (technical) specifications for call for tenders;
  • Participating in evaluation committees for tender procedures.

People management:

  • Supervising external collaborators.

Your Key Competencies

All staff at the EUI share the following competencies:

  • Ethics and integrity
  • Working in a multicultural environment
  • Accountability
  • Delivering quality and results

Competencies specific to the unit and the role include the following:

  • Sound and advanced IT knowledge in the above mentioned areas
  • Project and Task management: planning, prioritizing, and administering
  • Resilience or stress tolerance
  • Team spirit

What We Offer

  • A role in an inspiring community of young scholars with an exclusive focus on doctoral and post-doctoral studies;
  • A world-class research library, the Historical Archives of the European Union, and many other excellent research facilities;
  • Language courses and soft skills trainings;
  • Access to all EUI facilities: library, crèche, cafeteria, gym, participation in seminars and workshops;
  • Competitive salary package including health and pension plan;
  • A healthy work-life balance in a family-friendly environment.

How To Apply

Applications must be submitted electronically using the V/AD/ICT/1/2020 online application form available at


Before completing the online application form you are invited to read ANNEXES I & II that represent an integral part of this vacancy notice.

Annex I – Eligibility and Selection Criteria


On the closing date for online applications, you must fulfil all the following general and specific conditions:

1. General conditions

  • Being a national of a Member State of the European Union;
  • Enjoying full rights as a citizen attested by a recent extract from judicial records and/or certificate of good conduct proving no previous conviction for a criminal or administrative offence that could call into question his/her suitability for performing the duties of the post;
  • Having fulfilled any obligations imposed by the laws on military service;
  • Being physically fit to perform the duties.

2. Specific conditions

  1.  Education (Qualifications)

A level of post-secondary education attested by a diploma, or

a level of secondary education attested by a diploma giving access to higher education, and appropriate professional experience of at least three years. This professional experience will be considered part of the educational qualification and will not be taken into account in the required numbers of professional experience under 2.2.2.

2.2.     Professional experience[2]

By the deadline for applications, and in addition to the qualifications required above, you must have at least five years of relevant professional experience gained after obtaining the diploma required under 2.1.

  1. Knowledge of Languages[3]
  • Main language: have a thorough knowledge of one official language of the European Union;  and
  • Second language: a satisfactory knowledge of another official language of the European Union to the extent necessary for the performance of the duties.         



  • University degree in a field relevant to this post (e.g. Information Technology; Computer Science; Technology Management) or an equivalent level of professional qualification in a closely related field;
  • Professional experience at senior level in the following fields: Linux operating system, Linux-based web infrastructure;
  • Knowledge of Office 365 services;
  • Excellent knowledge of English, both orally and in writing (CEFR level: C1 or above).


  • Work experience in an international academic or research environment;
  • Knowledge of network infrastructure administration;
  • Knowledge of virtual infrastructure management;
  • Technical certifications relevant to this post.

You can check the Annex II in the PDF attached before this description.

[1] cf. Annex II

[2] Professional experience will be counted from the date on which the applicant acquired the minimum qualification for access to this post. Only duly documented professional activity (i.e. remunerated employment or self-employment) is taken into account. Part-time work will be taken into account in proportion to the percentage of full-time hours worked. Periods of education or training and unremunerated traineeships are not taken into account. Completed and remunerated PhDs can be counted as professional experience up to a maximum of 3 years. Any given time period can be counted only once.

[3] Recruited candidates shall be required to demonstrate before their first promotion the ability to work in a third EU language.


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