Head of Finance and Administration

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24 Oct 2017
  • Ensure the sound financial management of the organization to ensure the regularity and legality of all financial transactions in accordance with the EC/JU Financial Rules;
  • Provide the Accounting Officer with the information necessary for the timely production of Annual Accounts giving a true image of the Joint Undertaking’s assets and of budget implementation;
  • Coordinate and finalisation of the Annual Work Plan with specific input on Budget, Human Resources requests and other Administrative aspects, and the coordination and timely finalisation of the Annual Activity Report of the JU;
  • Ensure regular coordination with the other managers in the JU and reporting to the Executive Director on the progress of the work under his/her responsibility.
  • Assist the Executive Director in the management of the JU by providing him with regular reporting and sound advice on administrative and financial matters, and by contributing to the overall strategy and policies;
  • Ensure the administrative processes applied throughout the JU are of sound quality whilst ensuring an efficient administration;
  • Ensure a smooth audit process for the European Court of Auditors, follow up the annual report and support the Executive Director in relation to the discharge procedure with the European Parliament;
  • Ensure that all legal affairs are well managed and procurement procedures, grant agreements and contracts are legally sound, in cooperation with the legal officer;
  • Ensure the timely and appropriate preparation and running of ECSEL Governing Bodies meetings and follow up;
  • Coordinate and implement the JU human resources management and staff policies in cooperation with the HR Officer;
  • Ensure the efficient management and implementation of HR services;
  • Guarantee a healthy and safe working environment for the JU staff;
  • Supervise the management of ICT work programme and ensure up-to-date technology is available for the JU;
  • Ensure the role of Internal Control Coordinator and supervise the audits conducted on behalf of the ECSEL JU.
  • Ensure appropriate security measures for the JU staff and ECSEL part of responsibility for the premises of the JU (in cooperation with the other tenants of the building)
  • Promoting networking and exchanges with the other JU’s in the field of his/her duties;
  • Ensure a smooth liaison role with the European Commission on behalf of the Joint Undertaking;
  • Supervise and manage staff under his/her responsibility (including performance appraisals, training and motivation of staff, etc.).

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